Salary of $500,000: A person from Salta needs 9 or more months to equal a national legislator

In the midst of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the majority blocs of the ruling party and the opposition in Congress agreed a 30% increase in salaries of the deputies and senators, who will begin to receive with the November settlement.

As reported through national media, with the monthly salary plus the “additional” ones, after this agreement the legislators of the Argentine parliament will pass to collect around $500,000. The figure did not go unnoticed and generated an immediate impact on public opinion.

Just looking for these opinions, InformateSalta he turned to his readers, friends and followers on social media to get their looks at the surge in Congress. First, and consulted through our Instagram profile, we wanted to know how many months they need to, with their salaries, reach the same amount that legislators will receive monthly.

9% said that they reach $500,000 in three months, 24% of the voters indicated that they do so in 5 months, while for 8 months it corresponds to 11% of the voters, but the vast majority stated that they need 9 or more months to receive such an amount, in this case 56%leaving more than in sight the disparity of wages.

Likewise, and in a second question, voters said that the increase that members of Congress gave themselves “It’s a shame”, with 92% of the opinions. As for those who voted that the measure “is understandable”, it only reached 8% of the participations.


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