Saint Claude. Do you know who the inhabitants of Haut-Jura are?

François Beaune will write a column during the summer in Voix du Jura (©Voice of the Jura/Monique Henriet)

Who are the inhabitants of the territory? Friday, June 24, 2022 at 6 p.m. at the media library
The Dome of Saint-Claude, Francois Beaune (writer) and Angela Flahault (visual artist) will present the results of their work on the question: ” Who are the inhabitants of Haut Jura?

Writer in residence in the Haut-Jura Saint-Claude territory, François Beaune went to meet its inhabitants for two years, alongside the musician and visual artist Angela Flahault…

They provided vigils to Cinquetral, Saint-Lupicin, Chassal-Molinges, La Pesse. They toured the districts of Saint-Claude and intervened in the colleges of Pré Saint-Sauveur and Plateau, with the medical-educational institute…

Authentic stories as strong as fiction

During these meetings and these exchanges, they collected true stories, “stories
authentic as strong as fictions”. The compilation of these testimonies forms a
sensitive, intimate, sometimes hard, often funny portrait of these inhabitants who have in common to find themselves at the same time, on the same territory, according to chance, birth or life course.

We can thus come across a Septmoncelande, stuck in a semi-buried container, or Shoula, an Israeli who arrived in Saint-Claude for love, hear the memory of a worker from the cooperative “ The diamond “ followed for three days by its director after having swallowed a precious stone or the evocation of a trapeze number which falls into the water in the swimming pool of the Moussières holiday village…

A summer chronicle in Voice of the Jura

These stories were transcribed in writing, captured with an audio recorder. Some of them are already online on the association’s website. True stories from the Mediterranean “. During the summer, they will be the subject of a radio broadcast on RCF, a chronicle in Voice of the Juraand will be published in a book in 2023…

François Beaune and Angela Flahault will offer a restitution on Friday June 24 at 6 p.m. at the Le Dôme media library to present a compilation of their collection in a lively way. And share new stories. True stories… those of life, whose inspiration is infinite.

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