Rodrigo Murray and the ship of dreams

The renowned actor Rodrigo Murray participates in the film written and starring Pablo Cruz-Guerrero, The shipwhich is directed by Batán Silva.

In an interview for Gente Bien, the actor talks about his participation in the film.

What is your character in “The Ship”?

The ship It is a film based on real events, taken precisely from human beings where there are no good or bad, but there is a wide range of grays with the characters, the head of Miguelwhich is the character played by Pablo Cruz, Christian is the character played by Rodrigo Murray. He is a rather strict boss, not very flexible, who is trying to make a success of a radio station, which for now is not heard by anyone or has very few shares, and above all, very few sponsors. These characters are much closer to the spectators and to humans in general, they are very well portrayed by Pablo Cruz, who is the screenwriter of this film, and very well interpreted by Sebastián Silva, who is the director, in such a way that we can translate into These characters are ordinary people who live today, and it moves us to see that there are human feelings. My character, Christian it has all that range of gray where you don’t know if it’s good or if it’s bador if you flat out throw it away and criticize it as an insensitive being, which ends up being, it seems to me, this vector of rectitude, the duty to be, and under the stigma of duty, society ends up being better”.

Rodrigo Murray is
Christian in

How long did you prepare this character?

“We made the film, and then a pandemic hit us, unfortunately it affected not only the world market, but also cinema releases, so it is a film that we made three years ago, and it is finally seeing the light. It took us the normal time to make a character, I read the script, at first I liked it and much more knowing it, having been a part of the filming of this film, because the film is made in three parts, one the one you read, the other the that you do and another the film that is edited. Now, during all this time, I was amazed at the good taste on the part of Batán, Pablo and Andrés Almeida, who plays a character, but also makes the music for the film, the photography by Memo Granillo, which is spectacular, and all the companions with whom I was A sad story is told, which reminds you that you belong to the human race, the film wakes you up and that is going to touch those sensitive fibers in the human being”.

Were there any challenges in playing this character?

The challenge of all the characters he played, I think that when a film is well written, well directed, well acted, the process becomes much simpler, then it is to enjoy the screen, with all the people around you. , we had some very nice weeks in Pátzcuaro, I think the challenge really meant being able to transmit these sensations and this human emptiness that remains in the hearts of those who still cannot understand, as is my case, that nature suddenly becomes a monster that takes innocent children, for the simple fact of being sick; then to the extent that we can transmit that to the viewer, with that we have the paid function. I clearly recommend the film as if it were a matter of really deep therapy, you come out of it being a better person, I love it and I am going to see it again, and I am going to see it as many times as I can.


Do you consider that it is a family film despite dealing with a topic such as cancer in children?

It seems to me that the film is familiar, we have to talk about cancer with the family, we have to talk about sex with the children, we have to talk about kidnappings with the children, we have to talk about drug trafficking with the children, so that we can change the world that we do not like that we are inhabiting, we must make the change in those who are going to make that change possible later on. It seems to me that this film brings the family closer and that it brings closer the possibility of dialogue, and knowing that not only grandparents die of cancer, but unfortunately there are also children who are suffering today and not only children, but the family around that child.”

What projects follow for Rodrigo Murray?

I hope to be able to go to the capital of Jalisco soon, because I love Guadalajara, presenting a monologue that I am doing about Leonardo Da Vinci, at the Xola Theater, in case there is someone who comes to Mexico City and wants to take a tour of the theater, go see the monologue I am doing. I am also premiering a television program, the fourth season of Frozen RentI am very grateful for the possibilities that I have, surely I will be trying to do a series or something for television in the coming months, but it is not at all certain, at this moment I am literally doing theater, cinema and television.



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