Rodolfo Hernández: Why is the CNE investigating your party? – Political Parties – Politics

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In this particular case, It is being investigated whether in the electoral campaign the party would have exceeded the installation of the limit of permitted billboards.

This is not the only case brought forward by the CNE against the party that, according to Castillo, has four members including herself.

A citizen filed a legal action alleging that the current representative to the Chamber (in compliance with the Opposition Statute) is not part of the collective granted by the CNE to the former mayor of Bucaramanga to promote his candidacy for the presidency.

It has been published that the party is on the air while the lawsuit is being resolved, which also argues that the Valle del Cauca was not included in its statutes and is currently serving as a congressman without the support of this or another political party.

The entity also analyzes a 26-page document sent by the lawyers of the former vice-presidential candidate. In it, it is mentioned that there would be legal actions against the current opposition party to the Petro government, since it had been founded in a “clandestine” manner.


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