Roberto Bruce’s widow is upset with comedian for denying the fatal accident

South Hotdog recently assured that the accident at Isla Juan Fernández, where he died Philip Camiroaga, It would have been intentional. Her words unleashed the fury of Andrea Sanhueza, widow of Robert Bruce; who was also on the 212 fighter.

Sanhueza’s annoyance

Because the painful situation was recalled by the comedian, the journalist was outraged when she read the humorist’s statements, who in an interview with the Televidentes program in La Hora, stated that “I know it was not an accident. There were people who were going to have a lot of power later in politics inside that plane, then, ‘we better eliminate it’, unfortunately”.

A phrase that generated various reactions on social networks, especially considering that this has been a theory previously held by other people.

Thus, the widow of the deceased Good Morning Everyone reporter could not contain her anger and responded to the comedian’s statements. In this way, she uploaded two stories to her Instagram, where she indicated “How terrible how there are still people who hang on to this tragedy to have a screen! Very bad way to attract attention. Your comment does not contribute anything! Even when! Worth!”.

Take on the media

After that, Sanhueza attacked the media and questioned why these people are given a platform. “Giving these people a platform is your responsibility! Is there no more news? Aren’t there more important things in this country? Like the number of shootings, assaults, economic issues that are happening “

Finally, Bruce’s widow was categorical in saying that these were lies and stated that “I find it unusual to say the least that after almost 11 years, they continue to occupy this topic to make news! Really, until when!”, completely denying Pancho del Sur and his theory about the horrible accident.

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