Robbery with scopolamine: testimony of two victims in Kennedy, Bogotá – Investigation – Justice

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The two men arrived at a bar in the town of Kennedy, in Bogotá, they knew him and they felt calm.

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According to Carlos, they were two women, about 20 years old, “nice and in miniskirts, that caught my attention because it was raining that night, they smiled a lot and to sum it up they told us that they had been stood up, that we buy them a drink, and like all gentlemen, we invite you”, he recounted between laughs.

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I called my mom, who was crying (…). And she told me that an hour ago they had found Antonio, near Tocaima, in a pasture.

“I was like in a pasture, a little dizzy. A peasant couple woke me up; I did not understand anything at that time. And shortly after the police arrived, they had called her, “she said.

When searching, Carlos did not find the wallet, much less his identification papers and cards.

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“I called my mom, who was crying. She told me that she had arrived at the house around 11 at night, with Antonio and two women; that I had said that I was going to Melgar and that I took the car out. I was cold. I didn’t remember anything. And he told me that an hour ago they had found Antonio, near Tocaima, in a pasture, but that he was fine,” he said.

Carlos said that they took him to the police station, where he met Antonio. “They took our complaint, we went to the hospital where they confirmed that they had drugged us, fortunately they did not hit us. Today, what terrifies me is that I took those strangers to my house, I think about my family and what could have happened that night.

Carlos never recovered his car, but he affirms that from that night he learned a great lesson that made him distrustful, but more forewarned in every step he takes.

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