Rivadavia on alert for three violent deaths in less than a week

The department of Rivadavia is in the eye of the storm after being in the news throughout the week. Specifically, in just five days he had three deaths violence that causes concern.

The first of the episodes occurred on Sunday night, when a woman was attacked by dogs. According to witnesses, Claudia Clara Cáceres, 52, was on Pascual Sosa street, in Rivadaviawhen a group of animals pounced on her and began to bite her in different parts of her body.

The cries of pain alerted the residents of the area, who managed to get the animals off him and call the Coordinated Emergency Service to request assistance. The victim lost a leg and part of his scalp as a result of the attack.

Although Cáceres was quickly transferred to the Perrupato hospital, where she arrived alive, hours later they confirmed the death of the woman.

During the week, the Police and the authorities that worked on the case found the dogs that killed Claudia, and even in the last hours the owner of the dogs was apprehended for trying to prevent the work of the investigations.

A femicide and a violent murder

On Monday morning, within hours of the dog attack, a brutal femicide occurred in the department and Karen Ríos was the fatal victim. A man, identified as Hugo Osvaldo Sosa, entered the house of Melisa Ríos, her ex-partner, with a knife, with apparent intentions to kill her, but did not find her. Instead, he cold-bloodedly killed Karen, Melisa’s 20-year-old sister.

During that early morning, the deceased was accompanied by her boyfriend Rodrigo, but the young man had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Upon returning, he found his girlfriend dead and began to fight with the aggressor. The screams woke up Adriana Salgado (Karen’s mother) and her minor sister, who were stabbed in the neck and arm, respectively.

Karen Ríos, the fatal victim.

After the episode, the defendant fled the scene of the crime, but a few blocks away he was arrested. A day later, prosecutors Carlos Giuliani and Mariano Carabajal charged him with the crimes of aggravated homicide by treachery and transversality, to the detriment of the fatal victim, and attempted homicide and with the same aggravating factors in two events – the stabbing of his ex-mother-in-law and her daughter-, in real competition with attempted homicide aggravated by treachery in the boy’s case.

For their part, the two injured women were referred to the Saporiti hospital and, during the week, they evolved favorably.

Finally, the last death violent in Rivadavia happened Thursday afternoon. a man was found dead in a departmental landfill and, due to the fact, a subject was arrested who confessed to having attacked him with a crowbar.

Around 7:00 p.m., a 911 call alerted about the discovery of a body at the Codini Recycling Plant, located on Galigniana and La Florida streets. The first information indicated that a body had appeared near a precarious construction in which a 67-year-old man lived.

Upon arrival at the scene, the investigations confirmed the death of Francisco Antonio Yáñez. 47 years old, who was nicknamed “El Tortugón”. They also noticed that the body was in a semi-fetal position, he had been killed and his ears were missing.

After interviewing the man who lived there, they confirmed that both had consumed alcoholic beverages hours before, argued and the suspect attacked him with a crowbar to the head. For this reason, the man remained as stopped at the 13th Police Station Rivadavia.

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