Repellent Plants: Keep mosquitoes away to keep your home clean of insects

The rains are already present and with it, the mosquitoes arrive, which fill the corners of the house, both inside and outside, making it difficult to get rid of them. If you have problems with the repellents on the market, such as allergies or other skin reactions, or you just don’t like them, find out what repellent plants you can have at home to keep mosquitoes or mosquitoes away. So, here is a proposal of some repellent plants that collaborate at home to drive away annoying mosquitoes and avoid diseases such as dengue.

Citronella essential oils give off a scent that mosquitoes dislike. SPECIAL/Photo by Chang Qing on Unsplash.


It is one of the best-known repellent plants to scare away insects, thanks to its effectivenesswhat’s more to have many properties. The essential oils of this plant give off an aroma that mosquitoes dislike, so it is regularly used to make mosquito repellent candles as well as other repellent products. And it also usually keeps away flies.

It is a herbaceous plant with long, narrow leaves of an intense green color. It has antiseptic properties, it is an outdoor plant, easy to care for, it needs to be in a sunny area and frequent risks, avoid doing it during the sun’s hottest hours.

Rue is a strong plant, but it requires air and good drainage. SPECIAL/Photo by Trollinho on Unsplash.


It is an excellent aromatic plant to repel mosquitoes, with a strong smell, with leaves of a characteristic color -between green and blue- and yellow flowers, which lasts for many years, requires moderate watering and a lot of sunlight, but not direct. It is a strong plant, but it requires air and good drainage, if it is watered too much it can dry out. It is usually cultivated as an ornamental garden plant, due to its tolerance to dry soils and heat.

Lavender oil can be used on the skin as a repellant. SPECIAL/Photo by Joyce Toh on Unsplash.


It is an excellent aromatic plant that repels mosquitoes and other insects, giving off an intense aroma of camphor and eucalyptus., so your house will also be impregnated with this smell and calm your mind. You can use its oil on your skin as a repellent. You can also dry lavender flowers and make small envelopes to keep mosquitoes away.

It is easy to grow, it reaches its maximum flowering during the summer, it is very resistant, it can be both indoors and outdoors, it should only be kept in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Its irrigation frequency is moderate, with good drainage. In the pot or in the garden, it will keep mosquitoes away.

It is recommended to place it next to windows and doors to absorb its aroma and prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. SPECIAL/Photo by Meghan Rodgers on Unsplash.


It is a plant valued in the kitchen, it is an aromatic herb that is also used as a natural repellent, as it not only keeps mosquitoes away, but can also be toxic to their larvae. It is recommended to place it next to windows and doors to absorb its aroma and prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. It is also effective for flies.

Known as lemon basil, it can be grown in a pot or in the ground, in a sunny and warm area. For it to grow, you must take care of its daily watering, avoiding excess moisture and avoiding wetting its leaves.

Its strong aroma can be enhanced by burning some leaves in a candle so that it permeates the spaces. SPECIAL/Photo by Zé Ferrari Careto on Unsplash.


It is one of the resistant aromatic plants that is also used in the kitchen, but better repels mosquitoes, since its repellent action contains geraniola substance that insects usually avoid. Its strong aroma can be enhanced by burning some leaves in a candle and letting the aroma permeate the spaces. It also repels moths.

It does not require much care, you have to place the plant in a sunny area, but do not get the sun in the middle of the day. Low temperatures should be avoided, it is a resistant plant, as it can get used to drought areas, its irrigation is moderate and avoid excess humidity.

It is a bushy plant with curly leaves, very decorative for its small flowers. SPECIAL/Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash.

lemon geranium

It is a beautiful plant that, in addition to decorating your house, is a natural repellent against mosquitoes. For its smell of lemon and a substance that it shares with the citronella and the melissa, the citronellolis that it keeps the mosquitoes away.

It is a bushy plant with curly leaves, measuring no more than 70cm, it is very decorative due to its small mauve, white or pinkish flowers. It usually decorates patios, windows and balconies because they are easy to care for, since they should be placed in a sunny area or with little shade, in spring and summer it must be watered at least twice a week and during autumn and winter reduce watering. It must be pruned after flowering, removing branches, leaves and withered flowers.



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