Referents of Cambiemos are committed to working together for 2023

During the visit of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to the City of Salta, the PRO referent held meetings with different members of the Cambiemos alliance. In this sense, Inés Liendo and Miguel Nanni were interviewed by the cell phone of Get informedSalta.

The national deputy, Miguel Nanni, was asked about his vision from the Radical Civic Union: “The visit of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is very important because it means coming to consolidate Together for Change. Today we came to discuss ideas nothing moresimply from the different foundations that Together for Change and the Radical Civic Union have”.

Asked if from his space they would accompany the Pro in Salta for 2023, he commented that, “the UCR is up for something big, it is here to be an equal partner in any case. The anchorage that the UCR has in Salta gives it a privileged place, so I will tell you that in this we have to walk together at the same time”.

“I feel that we can contribute a grain of sand, but the truth is that it is very difficult to talk about candidacies today. You open the newspaper, inflation, education levels, insecurity, your stomach hurts every time you turn on the TV. All these problems encourage us to continue not to lower our arms, so in 2023 they will surely find us working somewhere”, he concluded thinking about the race for the public function next year.

On the other hand, the referent of the local Pro, Inés Liendo assured: “Horacio was very convincing and clear with the things we must do. He highlighted the anticipation with which we work, Patricia’s visit was to accompany our celebration of Güemes. We are happy that the Nation is looking at Salta”.

“We are accompanying the discussions that are taking place at the national level. We are 100% concentrated in Salta, growing a lot, with many challenges”, he continued.

When asked if she plans to join the race for mayor, or governor, she said: “For now it is not something that I have in mind, but I do not rule it out. I think that, if it’s a bit of a challenge to take on, we are here to play, but I think the important thing is to expand the space. Perhaps not everyone who joins politics is to be a candidate, it is to support, we need that”.

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