Recommended Books: The friendship party, an adventure of understanding

The party of friendship is a children’s literature book by Textofilia, written by Verónica García Alonso and Arturo Soler, with illustrations by Aurora Angélica Aguilera.

with the subtitle Know the temperaments to improve your relationshipsis a book for boys -and also their parents- that tells a story, which shows the types of temperaments that can be had through a group of animals.yes, made up of Bird, Bull, Deer Y Bearwho attentive and excited see how spring ends.

Suddenly to Bird It occurs to him to organize a party to welcome a new season, summer. In this way, each one takes a role to carry out the celebration.

The party of friendship. SPECIAL/TEXTOFILIA.

When an accident happens between them, they want to cancel the party due to its disorganization, then a mysterious character named Way, who asks them why they want to cancel the party? Each responds in her own way, giving their reason, without listening to the others.

Way explains to them that it is important to put themselves in the other’s shoes, since each one is different and takes things according to their temperament, since there are four types of temperament, although one is the one that predominates and the other three not so much.

Thus, Way tells each one the characteristics of their temperament, in these pages the young readers will be able to identify some of them in their personality and know the type of temperament they have.

After hearing it, Bull ask with interest how to get along with others? What Way He replies that they must first observe and identify their temperaments in order to understand that of their friends and get along better. Likewise, it is very important to respect each other and be aware that others have a different temperament than they do.

Fortunately, Bull, Bird, Deer Y Bear they understood what Way explained to them and with more patience they agreed, taking into account the words of Way, they understood that it is not to change others, but to accept them while respecting their differences and discovering the best in each one.

Finally, the group of friends managed to get organized for the summer welcome party, and suddenly, Way had disappeared. The party was fun and unforgettable, staying in the memory of the Animal Kingdom for a long time.

At the end of this book, there is a space to draw the party that the young reader imagines, a message for parents and information about the creators..

Undoubtedly a useful and fun book that simply explains the types of temperaments that exist in human beings.



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