Prosecutor’s Office highlights team for reporting irregularities in OPA by Nutresa – Crimes – Justice

The fact is due to the fact that they want to establish whether there were alleged irregularities in the
distribution proceduresin the admitting orders and in the adoption of measures
precautionary measures, topics that could configure judicial corruption.

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In the appeals advanced by said antioquian signatures there is talk that the possible irregularities in the distribution and in the order would have occurred in the processing of said civil lawsuitswhich is the subject of investigation.

For this reason, since the complexity of the events involved became known, the prosecuting entity referred the case to the Specialized Directorate against Corruption, in which it was determined that two prosecutors would be the ones to assume the actions to which there is room

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One of the officials is a delegate to the district courtand will be accompanied by an interdisciplinary team from the Judicial Police who stand out for being experts in topics related to computer forensics, business administration and accounting.

“This, in order to guarantee the strategic, agile and effective progress of the investigation and to give a prompt response to citizens on the clarification of these facts that are of public interest,” explained the Prosecutor’s Office.

After the offer, to Sura, as largest shareholder of Grupo Nutresait corresponded to him – says the complaint – to define if he accepted or not, and with that he sold his shares in close to 11 billion pesos.

On November 10, they gathered at the Santiago Cuartas meeting, andres bernal, Maria Ximena Lombana Y Angela Maria Tafurand with the vote of the last three people mentioned, a proposal fifth point.

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One of them says “to approve the participation, by Grupo Sura SA, in the OPA formulated by IHC Capital Holding LLC, in such a way that offer all of the common shares of which it owns in the capital of Grupo Nutresa SA as of the date of this decision. The acceptance order will not be formulated under the condition of ‘all or nothing’ but will be subject to pro rata. It will be requested that the payment be made in dollars of the United States of America.

With this background, Sura sued Bernal, Lombana and Tafur on November 16 before an office in MedellĂ­n, the case corresponding to the Fifth Civil Circuit Judge of the capital of Antioquia, from which an order of measures was decreed a day later. precautionary measures without notifying the plaintiff.

According to the document in the possession of the Prosecutor’s Office, what the office did with this precautionary measure was “to order the legal representatives refrain from carrying out the orders of the board of directorsparticularly those related to the sale of eleven billion pesos”.

Added to that, what is being asked to review in one of the complaints is that after that, Argos filed a lawsuit – a second process – against the same three people, and it precisely came to the same office that Sura had. And “in the admission order of the lawsuit (of Argos) a secretarial report is included that suggests that the process was received by the court before the filing date and time reported by the distribution system of the Judicial Branch”.

For this reason, for the complainants it is suspicious that the distribution fell to the same judge, as well as the precautionary measures decreed so quickly. This is what the two prominent prosecutors will now try to find out, since there may be an alleged judicial corruption.

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