Profile of alias Monocuco, dissident captured in Arauca – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice

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Operation ‘San Benito V’ was carried out through a search and search procedure, which led to the capture of Alexander Lozada Ramirez, alias Monocucodesignated main leader of the network of support to residual structures of the dissidents 10 and 28 of the Farc.

‘Monocuco’ is the main promoter of armed and terrorist actions in Arauca, and he is pointed out as the main articulator of drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and selective homicides in the department’s municipalities.

Intelligence and judicial police activities led to the identification that alias Monocuco “would have received instructions from alias Willy Costeño and alias Antonio Medina to carry out a high-impact terrorist action that affects the conduct of the elections presidential elections,” the authorities explained.

According to intelligence files, Lozada Ramírez has a criminal record of more than 10 yearsin which he was part of the Drigelio Almarales Company of the 10th Front of the extinct Frc, where he served as militia leader in the village of Puerto Jordán (Arauquita).

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This man had under his command an urban component of 15 members of dissident support networks, who are in charge, according to the authorities, of carrying out observation activities of facilities and personnel of the Public Force to plan terrorist actions.

Likewise, ‘Monocuco’ is accused of planning and executing the murder of two police officers while they were on patrol in the Libertadores neighborhood of the city of Arauca.

And in May of this year he would have planned and executed a attack on the CAI Caño Jesús de la Policí in Arauca (Arauca), causing material damage to facilities and homes in the sector.

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