President of the CPLT and the use of fiscal resources by relatives of deputies: “We would be facing a very serious situation”

A recent report from CIPER presented an investigation in which denounced that relatives of some deputies they were using tax money to buy benzineto which the president of the Council for Transparency, Francisco Leturia, recently referred: “If the facts that are denounced are true, we are facing a very serious situation.”

Leturia continued: “In many parts of the world the authorities lose their post due to situations like this. Furthermore, we are in a time of austerityWe have to set an example.” The president of the Council for Transparency also highlighted the budget cuts that had to be done due to the financial situation in the country, which was reflected in the reduction of offices and the sale of the car he used.

A card to charge vehicles used by deputies

“All the public resources have to go to people who need it, not to private pockets. Also, there are two things to say: the National Congress cannot be followed controlling alone. No one is a good self-controller, the Council for Transparency You cannot enter the activities of the Congress; and a second very important thing too, we are in a founding era and one of the possibilities is that it is Congress itself whoever is in charge of drafting a new Constitution, and if we lose confidence in those who compose it, if they continue to give this type of show, the truth is that things are not going to work out very well.

Since 2018, a card with a load of money established to recharge the vehicles, with a RUT and the digits of the patentso that parliamentarians could mobilize while they were working; however, and as stipulated in CIPER, the measure has shown shortcomings and called into question the use for which it had been originally implemented.

Among those who would be involved in the scandal, is the deputy Cristóbal Urruticoechea (PR)which denied that their relatives were involved and commented: “Regarding the accusations by the left-wing press about a possible misuse of public funds assigned to mobilization, I want to absolutely rule out any irregularity.”

The deputy’s wife Tamara Kupfer Moller, appears in the investigation in which the data showed that loaded gasoline on 38 occasions and his son Ignacio Urruticoecheaappears carrying out a load of 34 liters of diesel on January 18, 2021 and later on July 16 for $46,413.

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