Pepe Aguilar declares Ángela is still his “girl”

Mexico City.- Pepe Aguilar continues to explain the relationship that existed between his daughter, Ángela Aguilar, 18, and Gussy Lau, 33. Both ended when this fact went viral.

“Those are the things that happen in the entertainment business, when one is a public person because everything comes to light, suddenly in a way that it is not, or in ways that are distorted, or what has to come out comes out. We as a family have handled this situation, because it is a family situation and we are treating them as such, and we will continue to treat them that way,” revealed Pepe for Despierta América.

At the time, if there is a need to explain or talk a little more about it, precisely because we are public figures, and precisely because there are many fathers and many girls who follow one, nothing else for that, at the time we will say what we have what to say, but for now, pure family […] as a dad is what we are doing and as a mom too […] and seeing all the possibilities”

he added.

“She is a star that has a lot of light, she is an artist who has her whole life ahead of her, and definitely, well, everyone learns from things that happen, she is a girl, she is 18 years old, she is a girl! dads who have daughters of that age will know that they are girls, and at a certain moment you have to have experience to know how to handle the things in life that confront you” he pointed out.

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