Paul McCartney turns 80 and we celebrate with his favorite song

It’s hard to choose a song Paul MCCARTNEY or of the Beatles as favourite. And it is that regardless of whether we are fans of the band or not, it is undeniable that in their ways of creating, the British artist (along with his co-equippers Lennon, Harrison and Starr) have achieved unique sounds, great harmonies and completely avant-garde rhythms.

And we can mention Help, Eleonor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Let it be, Blackbird, Because, Michelle, Live and Let die and so many more that are more obvious or exquisitely subtle make up the list of the most beautiful songs in the world.

However, Sir Paul can say which one is his favourite, and it is none of the above. “I saw her standing there” It is the favorite of the Beatle who they said once died and since then we see a double.

The song opens the official discography of The Beatles in long play and we can say without mistake that he has the adolescent mark of the beginning. It was first composed by Paul, but later revised and modified by Lennon. It has the flavor of that beginning of the legend and it may not be the most chosen piece by his fans, but without a doubt it has a transcendent historical component.

The confession came in 2019, during an interview with Howard Sternso perhaps we can infer that it has the added hindsight and wisdom of a nearly 80-year-old man. (Well, exactly 80 today).

On his birthday, we remember him with that theme, to begin with, the one that Paul likes the most.

I saw her standing there – The Beatles (LYRICS/LETRA) [Original]

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