Patricia Bullrich does not hide her letters: who is her candidate to govern the province of Buenos Aires

The owner of the PRO and presidential candidate for Together for Change, Patricia Bullrichexpressed that “the country needs order” and “security forces that are up to the task”, when leading an act in Moreno’s party in which he announced that the provincial senator Joaquin de la Torre will be your candidate for Buenos Aires governor by 2023.

“We are going to be tough with those who, having the possibility of choosing and working, choose crime,” he said. Bullrich disembarking in the Cuartel V neighborhood of Moreno, where he presented himself as a candidate for the Pink House together with the other speaker of the event, the provincial legislator Of the towerformer mayor of San Miguel.

Both dedicated most of their speeches to the security problem, which was also reflected in the slogan “We must put order” displayed on the platform used in the box as well as on some blue and yellow sheets that the attendees held while the two candidates spoke.

With that frame, Bullrich He called to “be encouraged to change” and stated that “order is the law and the law is what makes us all equal.”

Based on this logic, the ex-minister of security for the management of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) stated that “it is not the same” for someone to “comply with the law” as for someone to “get out of the pipe, steal a motorcycle and kill a person.”

“The country needs armed forces and security forces that are up to the task. We are going to tell them what they have to do. We want security,” he added.

Referring to the role of armed forces and security, Bullrich took up something that she herself mentioned at the beginning of October, when in an interview in La Nación+ she said that if she got to the Presidency would change the laws of Defense and Internal Security so that the military personnel can intervene in the combat at the crime.

In relation to the two laws, which since the return of democracy delimit the areas of competence of the policemen Y security forceson the one hand, and the members of the Armed Forces, on the other, the pre-candidate said in that interview that “she would modify them so that they can accompany the processes in which you may lose your territory”‘.

In that report, he mentioned as examples the drug trafficking situation in Rosario and the Mapuche conflict in the Andean region of Patagonia.

On the other hand, during his visit to Moreno’s party, Bullrich He remarked that if he were to win the 2023 presidential election his hypothetical government will need them to “come out to defend him” and “not watch him on TV.”

“In the next one we need to go out and defend our Government so that no one runs from us”, she harangued, and throughout the act she added phrases of that style that sought to vindicate for herself the image of the ‘tough wing’ of Together for Change.

“When they want to block us, make a picket, each one has to be a leading actor, not watch on TV. We have to go out next time to defend our government so that no one fires us. Because they are not going to fire us.” , challenged to the applause of his supporters, who also carried signs with the slogan “La Bullrich president” (sic).

Also, the owner of the PRO focused a section of his speech on criticizing the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerwhom he questioned for having dedicated an important space in the recent speech in the unique stadium of the silver.

“Now, belatedly, the Vice President of the Nation has come out to state that she wants to take care of Security. If she was twelve, plus three years that she does not recognize them, she had 15 years to change security,” she replied, and as a contrast she mentioned Mauricio Macri and to herself because “in 4 years” -she said- they managed to “change security in Argentina”.

Patricia Bullrich with Joaquín de la Torre in Moreno.

In economic matters, Bullrich He assured that the first thing he will do if he arrives at the Pink House It will be to “stabilize the economy so that there is not 100% inflation” and he said he intends to “convert” social plans into “unemployment insurance.”

For his part, the Buenos Aires senator and pre-candidate for governor Of the tower He agreed with Bullrich in the call to “put order”, but he also dedicated a part of his message to repudiating the use of inclusive language by stating that the word “everyone” is “nonsense, not to say nonsense”.

“It seems to me nonsense, not to say nonsense, that politicians today are dealing with wanting to establish inclusive language in schools when Argentina has 40% of poor. There are much more important issues than inclusive language,” she said.

In economic and security matters, he unified his proposals around the idea that it is necessary to restore the lost order: “You have to put order in the accounts. You have to put order in the street. You have to prosecute crime and criminals,” insisted the senator from Buenos Aires Republican Peronisminternal space of Together for Change that he shares with the rionegrino Miguel Pichetto.

Of the towerpostulated by Bullrich As his candidate for governor, he dined with Eduardo Bolsonaro in Puerto Madero and took him around the suburbs to show him “the disasters of Kirchnerism,” but he was also one of the few political leaders in the country who spoke on Twitter in favor of the frustrated reelection of Jair Bolsonaro facing the potential return of Lulaas it finally happened.

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