Parents demand justice for their children

To make visible the problem they are experiencing and ask the corresponding authorities not to forget their cases, mothers and fathers whose children were abducted, as well as those minors who suffered abuse or rape, hung banners and posters in the pedestrian crossing of the highway Torreón – Matamoros, in front of the Mantle of the Virgin.

They are mothers and fathers who are members of the Justice for our Children collective, in the company of the Feminist Activists of La Laguna.

Legends such as “Justice”, “Francisco Ismael, return my girl to me”, “Justice for Mía, girls should not be mothers”, were read on the posters and banners that were hung, both outside and inside the bridge for everyone to see. pedestrians and motorists.

“Given the desperation of the mothers and fathers who have had to go through the crime of child abduction, which we now know as vicarious violence, and who have not received justice. They are mothers who have not seen their children for three, seven years Some that have just been stolen. (The intention is) to draw the attention of the competent authorities and remind them that these cases are ongoing, to please turn around, look, and please protect children,” said Ariadne Lamont Martínez. , director of Advocacy and Support for Victims of Violence at the Institute for Training, Research and Consulting on Gender and Human Rights AC (Incide Femme), who accompanied the parents who have suffered from these crimes.

Lamont assured that if this protection were given, “surely they will end up returning their children to their mothers and putting the rapists in jail, because they are denouncing two crimes here: the abduction of minors and the rape of girls and kids”.

“Here today, in front of the protective mantle of the Virgin, we want to state that sexual violence, vicarious violence and institutional violence should not be part of the life experience of any boy or girl, nor of their mothers and fathers. Our The objective is that justice be done, with all that that implies. We want fair sentences and reparation for the damage, which goes back to the effects of violence in the lives of our little ones, “the participants mentioned in a statement.

In it, they also demanded a trustworthy civil servant, who acts with a sense of urgency, with the best interest of the minor as the first objective. “We want no child to be separated from its mother, as a punishment, by the father.”

In addition to dependencies and officials prepared. “We want a Pronnif, forensic doctors, Public Ministries trained to do their work without mistreatment towards direct or indirect victims, and who know how to integrate the folders well. We want first-rate psychological care for our sons and daughters.”

As well as fair sanctions, “that criminal behaviors, which cause so much damage to children, be punished with all severity, that sexual aggressors, or those who exercise vicarious violence receive the corresponding sanction. We want families to be informed in all cases They have the right to receive legal advice.

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