Oscar Isaac walks away from Moon Knight with this project


The protagonist of Moon Knight on Disney+ is ready to face a very different new story from Marvel. That’s what he’s gonna do with Julianne Moore.

Oscar Isaac starred in Moon Knight on Disney+.©IMDBOscar Isaac starred in Moon Knight on Disney+.

2022 is undoubtedly a big year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the launch of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness In the cinema, Kevin Feige’s company continues to bet on streaming series. In this direction, oscar isaac debuted in the superhero franchise to play moon knight, the fiction available on Disney+. But, despite being a hit, the actor is now stepping down for one particular reason.

And it is that the interpreter not only has projects with Marvel on his agenda, but is also ready to put himself in a completely different role than the one he presented in the series. There he brought Steven Grant to life, a man who had a smooth routine until he discovered he actually had multiple personalities and brutal enemies were after him. The success lasted throughout its season and left viewers wanting more.

But… what keeps him away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? A podcast! Close to Julianne Moore, the actor is set to star in a new project for Spotify. The duo was chosen to direct case 63the English adaptation of the Chilean podcast which continues to break records and becomes the first non-English podcast to be translated into different languages ​​around the world.

The series will air in Spotify later this year and will follow the story of Eliza Knight, a psychiatrist who records the sessions of an enigmatic patient. Saved as ” Case 63», this man -played by Oscar Isaac- claims to be a time traveler. And although at first they are just typical therapy sessions, later they become a space where reality threatens the limits already established.

Created by Julio Rojas, case 63 it has become the most listened to podcast in Latin America. That’s why Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac decided to become executive producers and stars of the adaptation. Likewise, it has the production of Mimi O’Donnell -responsible for podcasts such as sandra Yes The Horror of Dolores Roach– and Katie Pastore. A must to listen to in 2022!

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