Once again, theft at the Simas Torreón pump causes shortages and low water pressure

Once again, thefts and acts of vandalism against equipment from Simas Torreón were recorded, now it was the turn of the 19R bomb located in Plaza Madero, which was affected by thieves during the night of Friday.

This situation led to an impact on the drinking water supply service in the surrounding areas, corresponding to the second square of the city and in which there are not only residential areas, but trade in food, entertainment and various services.

Inhabitants of these sectors were the ones who reported the lack of water early this Saturday, this before the Call Center of the same Simas Torreónwhich in turn ordered the deployment of a crew from the technical area to try to repair the damage as soon as possible.

It was the head of the Technical Management of the municipal body, Raymundo Rodríguez, who specified that upon arrival at the 19R pump some protections were found violated, in addition to missing metallic elements and electrical wiringwhich practically left said equipment out of any function and caused the shortage of drinking water.

The official pointed out that, from the first moment, actions were ordered to replace the stolen itemsin addition to the fact that a complete start-up of the equipment is anticipated and that it could last for a few hours, so that the supply of drinking water in the surroundings will be restored during the course of Saturday, no later than Sunday morning.

In cases where it is necessary, Various emergent support actions are available for the population, such as the delivery of water through pipesas well as revisions in domestic outlets that continue to present shortage problems once the aforementioned deadlines are met.

It should be remembered that vandalism and theft of Simas Torreón equipment have been a recurring theme in the current administration; According to the municipal authorities themselves, this has contributed to the problem of low pressure and shortages in some sectors, situations that have been occurring since the last municipal administration and as a result of poor planning, lack of maintenance and insufficient drilling of new wells in the city.

Currently, Simas Torreón continues to receive complaints about lack of water in various neighborhoodsalthough the first place of the complaints received via the Call Center is already monopolized by the problem that prevails in the drainage, especially due to collapses, sewage outbreaks, blockages in the general system and other related situations.

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