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kimberley beat San Lorenzo again, this time 2-1, and reaffirmed its dominion of the last years in the historic Mar del Plata classic. The Dragon” won eight and drew four of the last thirteen official matches against his usual rival.

Matias Cardellino and Marcos Rondanina scored the goals of the team led by Gustavo Noto who justified the victory by his first time production, especially after the opening of the marker. In that first part, the difference in explosion at the time of change the pace in the last forty meters of the field was marked, and decisive, in favor of the premises.

However, in the second half, Kimberley, although he had chances to define the game with a couple of counter attackswas losing face and ended up squeezed by an always worthy San Lorenzo. Ramiro Pirosanto discounted taking advantage of an error by Ferrer and two minutes later Santiago Vazquez He avoided equality by taking a header from Peralta Raimo over the line.

The result did not help his team to recover the top of Zone B. Deportivo Norte and Atletico Mar del Plata They did not fail and they remain firm above.

The “aurinegro” team beat Chapadmalal 3-1 with a goal from Marco Miori and double of Leonardo Fredes. Enzo Corti He had pointed out the transitory tie in a hot game, with one expelled from each side (a very cheap balance for both teams) in a general brawl. The team led by Leonardo D’Urso, who put together their teams from back to front, today is the highest scorer in the tournament with 20 goals (as happened with Zielinski’s Estudiantes in the League Cup).

Atletico Mar del Plata, meanwhile, got through a difficult match with a 1-0 against the difficult Racing at the Al Ver Verás court. The difference was made, when not, Elijah Medinabut in an atypical way: with a olympic goal

Behind the backs of these three teams, the most benefited in the fight for classification was Quilmeswhich beat San Isidro 3-0 as a visitor with two of Dylan Manazza and another of Tulio Etchemaite.

In Zone A, in Otamendi, Circle he equaled in the final part to banfield (1-1) and made him lose the lead. The Porto team took the lead with a goal from Leandro Mongeswhich reached the 99 goals (66 with his current team) in the first division of the LMF. He equalized, with a great goal, Ramiro Rodríguez Acosta.

River took advantage of that result, thrashing General Miter 4-0 in Santa Celina (goals from Raúl Melga, Elías Pérez, Rodrigo Galloso and Francisco Piñeyro) and is the new pointer for Zone A.

Nationthrashing Peñarol 4-1, was confirmed in third place taking advantage of General Urquiza’s 1-1 with Juventud Unida de Batán.

Nation thrashed Peñarol. Photo: Diego Berrutti.

The victory (2-1) that they achieved as a visitor was very important independent son the champion Argentinos del Sud to assert themselves in the qualifying zone.

Mouthwith a goal Agustin Machadoalso asserted itself in those positions with a narrow win over Huracán.
In that match there was a historical fact. For the first time he controlled the match three women: Mayra Araujoaccompanied in the lines by Jimena Sotelo and Natalia Pereyra.

That meeting was 27 minutes stopped for an ugly blow to the head of the goalkeeper of the “Globito” Facundo Jerez. This time the medical service, so often criticized, only took fourteen minutes to arrive.



Zone A
Argentinos del Sud 1 (L. Di Gerónimo) – Independent 2 (L. Bustos and F. Salvatierra)
Mouth 1 (A. Machado) – Hurricane 0
Sports Circle 1 (R. Rodríguez Acosta) – Banfield 1 (L. Monges)
General Urquiza 1 (L. Barbosa) – United Youth 1 (E. Muñoz)
General Miter 0 – River 4 (R. Melga, E. Pérez, R. Galloso and L. Piñeyro)
Cadets 5 (G. Freddi 2, B. Peduzzi, T. Lucero and JC Tornato) – El Cañon 0
Nation 4 (I. Miño, J. Verón, M. Sosa and T. Apreda) – Peñarol 1 (M. Artero)

Zone B
San José 2 (J. Zanetti and J. Cayumán) – Once Unidos 2 (J. Quintana and E. Cruz)
Kimberley 2 (M. Cardellino and M. Rondanina) – San Lorenzo 1 (R. Pirosanto)
Deportivo Norte 3 (M. Miori and L. Fredes 2 -1p-) – Chapadmalal 1 (E. Corti)
Freedom 3 (L. Galli and E. Solari 2) – When You See You Will See 0
Racing 0 – Atletico Mar del Plata 1 (E. Medina)
Alvarado 1 (JI Fernandez) – Workshops 0
San Isidro 0 – Quilmes 3 (D. Manazza 2 and T. Etchemaite)


River 22
Banfield 21
nation 19
General Urquiza 17
mouth 16
Independent 16
Sports Circle 14
South Argentines 12
Cadets 11
cannon 11
United Youth 7
Hurricane 6
Penarol 3
General Miter 1

Sports North 19
Atletico Mar del Plata 19
kimberly 18
Quilmes 14
United Eleven 14
When You See You Will See 14
Workshops 13
Saint Lawrence 12
Racing 11
freedom 10
San Jose 9
Alvarado 8
San Isidro 5
Chapadmalal 2


Zone A
nation vs. South Argentines
Penarol vs. cadets
The Cannon vs. General Miter
River vs. General Urquiza
United Youth vs. sports circle
Banfield vs. Mouth
Hurricane vs. Independent

Zone B

San Isidro vs. Saint Joseph
Quilmes vs. Alvarado
Workshops vs. Racing
Atletico Mar del Plata vs. Freedom
When you see you will see vs. Sports North
Chapadmalal vs. kimberley
San Lorenzo vs. united eleven

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