Official press justifies party to AMLO: "The president who did not break relations with Cuba was treated"

The Cuban regime justified this Friday the party held at the Government headquarters during the visit of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the context of the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga.

“The president who did not break relations with Cuba was attended to,” said the official spokeswoman Bárbara Betancourt when intervening in the program “veneering“, led by the journalist Arleen Rodríguez Derivet.

Betancourt referred to the Cuban population’s criticism of the Mexican’s visit, in the midst of the rescue efforts for survivors and fatalities of the Hotel Saratoga explosion, and stated that López Obrador’s presence on the island responded to a ” act of brotherhood”.

He blamed the Cubans for trying to generate a wave of rejection of the government “because it made room to serve, not just any president, but the president of a country that never broke relations with Cuba.”

To those who demanded that the regime decree official mourning for the victims of the explosionthe journalist called them “reception inquisitors” of AMLO.

In the program, the president of Mexico was revered for having shown “a look of admiration and respect” to the Cuban regime, and it was said that he “has stood up for the rights of Cubans with extraordinary honesty and courage, as he is seen fighting so much these days.”

Likewise, Betancourt tried to deny a party held at the Palace of the Revolution where the Faílde Orchestra of Matanzas played, and whose images were posted on Twitter by the Mexican officials themselves, which left the regime in Havana in a bad light.

Last Friday there was a terrible explosion in a hotel in Havana that left 46 dead.

However, the Cubans questioned on Saturday the delay of the regime in decreeing official mourning, and affirmed that the refusal to decree the measure was due to AMLO’s visit.

On Sunday, the president of Mexico arrived on the island, and was received by his counterpart Miguel Díaz-Canel and entertained with a evening celebration attended by senior officialsmembers of the diplomatic corps and figures from culture and sports, such as the multi-champion Javier Sotomayor.

The activity was hidden from the Cuban press, but the next day moments of it were published by the Mexicans on their Twitter accounts, causing rejection and outrage of the people of Cubamourning the worst tragedy that has occurred in the country since the fall of a passenger plane in May 2018.

The Cuban regime decreed the official mourning this Thursday, after concluding the search and rescue of corpses.

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