News from Cuba: The most read news today November 24, 2022

Yolanda Benetex-wife of Pablo Milanes and muse of one of the most beautiful songs in the Spanish language, said goodbye to the father of her three daughters with a moving text in which he described his pain and evoked the happy moments lived with the singer-songwriter and the beautiful family that remained after their separation as a couple.

A total of 49 workers from the “Alberto Álvarez” oil bottling factory, located in the Regla municipality of Havana, were separated from their job since February for being part of nine different cases of edible oil theft. Seven people were arrested in Havana for sell food through ads on social networks, an activity that has increased in recent months due to the serious shortage of food in the country.

A Cuban resident in Havana bought for 159 CUP some shrimp croquettes in the state fish market on 19 and 4, in Vedado, and when they began to fry them, he realized that they were shabby and fetid.

Here are the most read news of the day:

Yolanda Benet says goodbye to Pablo Milanés: “You will delight that place where the good go with your music”

Yolanda Benet said goodbye to the father of her three daughters in a moving text in which she described her pain and evoked the happy moments she lived with him.

Almost 50 workers involved in the theft of oil at a factory in Havana

About half were factory managers and officials.

Amaury Pérez says goodbye to Pablo Milanés with a poem

“I loved you and I love you from that stable / that we founded together closer or further away. / We were always one, no matter the altarpiece,” said Amaury Pérez.

Filmmaker Fernando Pérez: “Young people are going to bring change in Cuba”

“The poetic justice that life determines can be delayed, but not stopped,” he also said.

Tourist car collides with a bus in Holguín and its occupants suffer injuries

Images shared in his publication show the state in which the tourist rental car was left, which was hit by a side causing dents in the body and injuries to the occupants.

Cuban musician on basic basket bread: “An almost unidentified object”

The lead singer of Porno para Ricardo posted a photo and said it was “new bread for the old man…flying saucer style.”

They ask for help for a 91-year-old woman in need of a blood donation in Havana

The family communicated that two donations from the O+ group are required and made a telephone available for potential donors to contact.

Whereabouts of Guanabo only has 35 percent of its buses

Public transport in Havana has 40% of the buses to provide service.

Seven arrested in Havana for selling food on social networks

The detainees brought food combos to their clients, and at the time of the arrest they brought sausages, mincemeat, chicken, coffee, oil, sardines, tuna, beef, powdered milk, pork and lobster, among other products.

They denounce the sale of croquettes in poor condition in a state fish market: “They kill us and don’t pay us”

Several clients assured that they sell the food without respecting the cold chain.

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