Nene “crystal” lives with 100 broken bones due to a strange ailment, but maintains her artistic dream

The life of an Indian boy” target=”_blank”> India is marked by one of the strangest diseases of which there is a record, which is why it has at least 100 broken bones. Faced with this ailment, the little one cannot play with his friends and depends on his mother to move. However, he does not lose hope. fulfill your artistic dream.

Rohit, he is a 12 year old boy who suffers from a type of osteoporosis, which is more commonly known as “Osteoporosis-What-is-why-it-occurs-and-how-to-treat-it-20211104-0012.html” target=”_blank”>disease of the brittle bones“. It is an ailment that causes the bones in your body break faster because of its fragility. But not only that, but his bone structure has enormous difficulties in rebuilding itself.

All of these medical factors cause the child of India suffers from great fragilitybecause the slightest fall or blow to your body can lead to a fracture of your bones.

In this sense, the minor’s condition is so delicate that their bones could break at the slightest touch with rigid structures, as detailed on the site JamPress.

The shocking story of the boy from the <a href=India ‘made of glass’.” data-height=”558″ data-size=”w:1200,h:899″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.chronicle” title=”The shocking story of the Indian boy ‘made of glass’.” vspace=” 5″>
The shocking story of the boy from India “made of glass”.

Specifically, the skeletal structure of “crystal” that the child has is already very weakened. Rohit has already had at least 100 broken bones in her short life. Furthermore, as a consequence of this type of osteoporosis rare, traverses constant pain most of the day.

An interrupted growth but an intact dream

On the other hand, Rohit’s osteoporosis severely interrupted his development and almost completely stunted his growth. With 12 years, the little one is only 1 foot 4 inches tall, that is, about 38 centimeters. While weighs about 32 pounds or 15 kilograms.

With the main objective of avoiding further damage to his bones, Rohit has the opportunity to play with his friends. for that also depends on his mom to moveas reported by the Indian media.

It is important to mention that Rohit’s sister is in charge of his education, as she is teaching him to read. Due to her delicate health condition, the child also cannot attend school like the rest of the infants.

Finally, despite all the difficulties he goes through every day, the little boy does not lose his strength, much less the hope of losing his dreams. In this sense, he assured that She won’t let her rare illness stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a singer..

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