Neither faults nor structural risks for the Nudo Mixteco represent the runoff of water

Structurally, it does not represent any risk for the “Nudo Mixteco” Road System, the surface runoff of water that has been registered in recent weeks, the wall of the Constitución viaduct almost at the height of the Abastos road and that adjoins the irrigation canal 11+ 400 responsibility of the Conagua, declared Jaime Allegre del Cueto, representative of the Alfa Construcciones company that was in charge of the work in 2006.

For his part, the technical manager of the Simas, Raymundo Rodríguez de la Torre, points out that the operation of this road complex is assured, even with strong floods that may occur due to rain. It has a sump with a pumping capacity of 2m100 litres. It has four pumps with their motor and a power plant that operates on rechargeable batteries, which ensures that it works, even when the electricity fails.

“At the beginning of this year, the general management of Simas authorized around 600 thousand pesos to renew the entire electrical system and give it general maintenance. Certainly in 2018 it was flooded but it was because it could not be started because the entire electrical network and the battery were stolen,” said Rodríguez de la Torre.

He affirms that the runoffs that he currently has are not dangerous. “And in any case, it is Conagua that, once the irrigation cycle is over, must invest to coat or reseal the canal wall, because in any case it is this one, which has had problems for years.”

The municipal official admitted that the lack of maintenance of the Conagua in irrigation canals and other conductive bodies, has been the claim for a long time.


After assuring that it is not the first time, since the “Mixteco Knot” was built in 2006, that runoff occurs on the wall of the viaduct adjacent to the Conagua canal, the builder affirms that every time they release water for irrigation, situations occur. Similar. Now that they cut off the water there will be no more runoff, but there is no risk”.

Allegre del Cueto explained that although permanent moisture can cause damage to the asphalt layer and must be addressed, “drains are always left on the walls of the viaducts that are like little tubes precisely so that the rainwater or sanitary water comes out there if necessary. that there is any seepage or runoff. Since the Nudo Mixteco was built there have been water leaks and that is not new, it happens in the irrigation season”.

It should be noted that the builder’s statements were made after a tour of the area, which generated controversy on Wednesday in the sense that it represented a risk.

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