National census: What can and cannot be done on Wednesday, May 18

The next Wednesday May 18 will be held throughout the Argentine territory Census, after more than 10 years of not being performed. For this reason, the national government declared the day a national holiday in order to guarantee that Argentines are at home at the time of the census taker’s visit.

In this framework, some questions arise, and the main one is what can and cannot be done? Y what about the workers? In this last point, from the Secretary of Labor of the Province, they clarified that theWorkers are not required to provide service except for those who due to force majeure cannot postpone their work such as drivers of public passenger transport, hospital or sanatorium staff, hotels, etc.

Likewise, it was indicated that those who work on May 18 must receive their daily remuneration plus an equal amount, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law.

It is recommended to employers that only Summon the minimum essential personnel and preferably those who, in addition, reside with the family group, and not those who live alone, in order to be able to receive the census takers.

Prohibited Activities on Census Day

Between 00 and 20 hours of that same day, theatrical functions, cinematographic exhibitions, shows, sports competitions, clubs, social gatherings may not be carried out, and restaurants, delicatessens, confectioneries, beverage outlets and shops must remain closed. similar, bakeries and all shops selling food and beverages.

This with the aim that people are in their homes and provide the data requested for said census. In this sense, Labor will monitor compliance with the regulations in force during the day of the 18th.

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