Motorcyclists demonstrate in full official event in Gómez Palacio

A group of around 50 motorcyclists from the city of Gómez, Lerdo and Torreón held a demonstration outside the Sub Directorate of Traffic and Roads in Gómez Palacio.

The drivers expressed their disagreement with the new operation for motorcyclists in the municipality, since has generated income losses when going out to work.

It was during an event for the delivery of uniforms to road elements, the delivery of initial training certificates to cadets and the inauguration of a building when, around 11:00 a.m., the motorcyclists arrived to demand a response.

The demonstration began on Victoria de Gómez Palacio avenue on Miguel Alemán boulevard to head towards Victoria de Lerdo park and return along the same boulevard to join Rebollo Acosta where the address is located.

Security elements asked the demonstrators to withdraw from the place.with the exception of three people who would be received by the head of Transit and Roads.

Alejandro Torres, one of the drivers, pointed out that they feel retaliation from the authorities when carrying out this type of operation, since he sees it unnecessary for having the paperwork in order to save him from an accident.

For his part, Abraham, a citizen of Torreón, showed his support by attending the scene, assuring that the accidents in which motorcyclists participate are partly due to the lack of road culture on the part of vehicle drivers.

For his part, David Ruiz, director of the Traffic and Highways unit, commented that they are open to listening to the complaints made by drivers, and also assured that the operation began due to the accidents in which motorcycle drivers have been seen in what so far this year.

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