Mother of one of the young people who died in Matanzas: “How do I manage to live, how do I manage to be strong?

Vivianne Pérez De Prado, mother of Leo Alejandro Doval Perez de Pradoone of the young Cubans reported missing in the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker base, published a meaningful text to say goodbye to his son in which he evoked the dreams of his “little boy with the soul of an old man” and listed tender family moments without those that he assures do not know how he will be able to live from now on

“How do I manage to live, how do I manage to be strong as everyone tells me because I have my parents and my other special child (your beautiful brother, your tata)?” asks the afflicted mother in a heartbreaking text full of questions and much pain.

“How do I manage to continue without seeing all your plans come true, if you had already thought about how you would go to Medical Sciences the first day to become a Doctor of Medicine as you all told us and a great Neurosurgeon. You already had everything ready, your uniform, your shoes, your backpack and I said to you ‘Pipo and the notebooks?’ and you told me ‘yes it’s important, but it’s more important to record the classes so that later I can burn my neurons at night in the room’”, recalled Vivianne.

A week ago today you were ripped out of my life. My little boy with the soul of an old man, as I always told you, full of dreams, plans and goals to achieve that he put so much effort into and always achieved. It’s been a week today that I’ve been calling you and writing to you on WhatsApp and you don’t answer me and I ask myself and I ask myself, how do I live if every time I wake up or at any time of the day the ‘Pss’ and ‘Mom’ aren’t on my WhatsApp how did you tell me to say hello, ask me how I was and how I was feeling and/or ask me something, like, ‘mom I need a favor’?” added the grieving mother.

“What do I do to get your smile back? What do I do to get your beautiful green eyes back? What do I do to get your athletic body back? ”, Questioned Vivianne, who lost her son of just 19 years, while he was serving the Mandatory Military Service in the fire command of the Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport, in Varadero,

“Why did I have to listen to you? Why did I have to trust your word, (as always) when I found out about super tankers and I called you like crazy and you told me in that audio ‘calm down mom, they’re not going to take us out’ the airport can’t be left alone’“, Explain.

“I know that you did not tell me that you would go to the place because you know that I would not allow it, you know that at any time I would go out looking for you and by the hair of the hair I would get you off that truck. You are not a firefighter nor would you be, you were just passing military service, you are a doctor and this is how you would save lives, you are my eternal neurosurgeon. My little boy. Love you”, Vivianne concluded her emotional letter, which was accompanied by her son’s favorite photo.


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