Mother of Luis Robles: "My son is being mistreated"

Yindra Elizástegui, the mother of Cuban political prisoner Luis Robles, broke the silence on social networks to denounce the abuse against the young man in prison, where he is serving a five year sentence for protesting with a poster in Havana.

Robles, convicted of the crimes of enemy propaganda, contempt and disobedience, was forced to leave his cell at dawn and strip naked in an office in front of Combinado del Este prison leaders and members of state security.

He was then photographed without clothes, the woman denounced in a video posted on her Facebook profile.

“Recently my son informed me that they took him out of the cell and took him to an office with more people, prison officials and members of state security and others and forced him to take off his clothes. He refused, He said that he was not going to take it off because that was not in any law, and they told him that if you do not take it off, we will take it off. He had to take off his clothes and they photographed him with a cell phone from the front and from the back, “he explained.

She assures that after learning about the incident, she filed a complaint with the Citizenship Office of the MININT in Guantánamo, where she belongs, and they told her that this situation occurred “because of an investigation into a publication made by a newspaper that Luis Robles had been beaten.” . “The response at the Citizenship Office was that those photos were to show the world that my son had no traces of physical abuse on his body,” she stressed.

“The complaint (in the aforementioned media outlet) related physical abuse and that he was put in a punishment cell for five days, something that I believe because before he was in agreement 7 to 9 days in a punishment cell that almost cost him his life and where he shed his skin,” explained Elizástegui.

“I believe in my son, because the one who is in there is him, and I have proof that they have gone to extremes with my son,” he said.

“I feel outraged, with what is happening with my son. Coming to the networks is the only way for them to listen to me. My son has been in jail for a year and six months for carrying a poster. Five years of unjust sentence,” Elizástegui stressed. .

He said this is not the first time that Robles has been subjected to abuse like this. “My son has been physically and psychologically mistreated, my son informs me that every time someone feels like it, abusing their position and power, they take them out of the cell at 2 or 3 in the morning until 6 in the morning. the morning,” he explained.

The woman assures that although it is her first time on social networks, she has never stood idly by every time her son tells her about these abuses. “I realized that the authorities do not pay attention to the complaints, nor to what the people say,” she affirmed.

Likewise, she defends that she raised her children with humility, with love and with respect. “My children are loved in the neighborhood where they grew up because they are educated and good men,” she argued. Robles is a computer engineer and has a young son.

In December 2020, the young man raised a poster on the San Rafael boulevard in Centro Habana demanding “Freedom”. A video shows the moment of the arrest, where the police subdued the young man who was demonstrating alone. Since then began an odyssey of torture recounted by himself from the Combinado del Este, where he is confined.

At the end of April, the political prisoner recounted that he was the victim of a beating and that he was later transferred for no reason to a punishment cell. On that occasion he also gave statements to that independent media in which he explained that an officer identified as Ramoncito rebuked him and hit him on the head.

The physical violence against you It came in retaliation for his constant complaints against the mistreatment he and other prisoners receive in the Combinado del Este. He has also criticized the precinct’s poor hygiene and food conditions.

At the beginning of the previous month, Robles Elizástigui’s lawyer filed a appeal before the Supreme Court of Cuba against the sentence of five years in prison that was imposed on his client.

The case of the young political prisoner has been the subject of criticism of the government by different international organizations. The Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) criticized the sentence imposed by the Court and pointed out that the criminal process was full of irregularities, since “judges at the service of the Communist Party of Cuba unfairly punish a young Cuban for exercising his rights to free demonstration and expression.

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