Mosquera said that Blas’ crime was "an act of institutional violence"

This Thursday, in the Eighth Crime Chamber of Córdoba and in the twenty-fourth hearing, declared the former Minister of Security of the Province, Alfonso Mosquerain the framework of the trial for the crime of Valentino Blas Correas in the hands of the police.

In his statement before the Court, the former official said: “Blas’s crime was an act of institutional violence that violated human rights.”

In addition, he described the murder as “one of the darkest pages in the history of the Córdoba Police.”

The former minister also said that he found out about the murder of Blas Correas through a phone call from the then chief of the Córdoba Police, Gustavo Marcelo Vélez.

“I told him ‘make the Police a glass box’. The mechanics for the fact seriously alerted me as a minister of the area and knowledgeable about the criminal act and the protocols that regulate police activity,” he declared.

“If there was no exchange of firearms and if the car had not been used as an improper weapon, there was no reason for it to open fire even if a police control had been skipped,” he added.

Blas’s father’s word on Alfonso Mosquera’s statement

Mosquera remarked that he found out in the morning that there was a firearm in the car and that he was unaware that the weapon was implanted until the police personnel confessed.

Regarding the statements, Blas Correas father stated: “What I am witnessing is a speech armed with a strong excuse about his actions justifying what he did and did not do.”

Getting data…

Before Mosquera’s statement, the plaintiff lawyer Manuel Gutiérrez had told cba24n: “We hope that the former minister is open to questions and answers everything.”

“What did you know? When did she find out? Who did she tell? Let’s hope he answers what Lucas Mezzano couldn’t answer, ”he added.

Report on the statement of Alfonso Mosquera in the trial for the crime of Blas

This week, in addition, other former officials who worked in different leaderships at the time of the murder of the 17-year-old adolescent, on August 6, 2020, declared.

Soledad Laciar said that she is waiting to hear from the former police chief, Gustavo Vélez, but especially from the former Security Minister, Alfonso Mosquera, pointed out as the political responsible for the cover-up.

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This past Wednesday it was the turn of Lucas Mezzanoformer General Director of Strategic Security Planning of the Ministry of Government was the “right hand” of former Security Minister Alfonso Mosquera.

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Former Police Chief Gustavo Vélez will testify this Friday.

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