More than 80 incidents and more than 113 thousand people affected by the rains this week

This week the highest river rainfall of the year has been recorded, which has caused some 77 incidents, including the underground undermining of a section of the route to the Pacific, landslides, landslides on homes and floods, reported the spokesman for the Coordinator National Program for Disaster Reduction (Conred), Rodolfo García. The number continued to grow during Saturday and this Sunday.

This year’s winter season was already coming on strong, according to weather forecasts for the month of June, as four to six easterly waves were expected. Therefore, it is expected that next week will be the busiest, conditions could lead to more risk due to the saturation that the soils already present.

the count

From that account, June 13 5 incidents were reported and 139 people affected. Among these, three landslides in Alta Verapaz: Parcelamiento San Pablo in the municipality of Panzós; in the Concepción de María village and in the Panhorna Sector 2 village, both in Tamahú; also a mud flow in the Nuevo Seamay community, which harmed 39 people; and a landslide in the village of Trapichitos, in Nebaj (Quiché) that affected 100 people.

June 14 15 incidents were recorded with 54 thousand 378 people affected. This includes the sinking of the highway (kilometer 15, in the municipality of Villa Nueva, Guatemala), which diverts the traffic of more than 50,000 people.

In the municipality of Barillas, Huehuetenango, two landslides were reported in the village of La Florida and on the road to that community, affecting 2,006 people. And a landslide in San Andrés Sajcabajá, Quiché, with 750 injured.

In Jutiapa there were three floods, one in the community of El Toro, Moyuta, affecting 560 people and two in the Asunción Mita municipality in the La Champas neighborhood, affecting 190 people. In addition, a subsidence in the communal entrance road to the municipality of Santa María de Jesús in Sacatepéquez with 50 people affected and a flood in the urban area of ​​San Marcos, with 5 people affected.

On the other hand, there were structural collapses of three pedestrian bridges in Sector 2 El Poste, Sector 5 La Loma and Sector la Ceiba in Chicacao, Suchitepéquez, with 540 people affected. In Chicacao there was a landslide on the road to Concepción Chinan, with 200 injured, apart from a flood in the El Triunfo Patulul neighborhood, which damaged 68 people. And there was a landslide in Barrio El Recreo, in Tamahú, Alta Verapaz, with nine victims.

Several homes have been damaged this week due to floods, landslides, and landslides. This is located in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepéquez. (Photo, Conred).

June 15 32 incidents were reported, with damage to 29,431 people, such as two landslides in Alta Verapaz (Tamahú and Cobán), and a flood in Santa Catalina La Tinta, with 142 people affected.

In San José La Arada, Chiquimula, 3 floods and the structural collapse of the Buena Vista hammock bridge were reported; a landslide at kilometer 64 of the CA-9 North highway in Guastatoya, El Progreso; and another at kilometer 198 of the Cito Zarco route, in El Palmar, Quetzaltenango. In these incidents alone, 27,000 people were harmed.

A subsidence was also recorded in Santa María de Jesús and two structural collapses in San Lucas Sacatepéquez, as well as floods in Yepocapa (Chimaltenango), in Villa Nueva (Guatemala), in San Pedro Pinula (Jalapa), in Asunción Mita (Jutiapa), in Nebaj (Quiché) and in Gualán (Zacapa), among others.

June 16 16 incidents were recorded, affecting 24,880 people, including 2 landslides on highways, one in Tucurú and the other in Tamahú, affecting the passage of some 6,000 travelers. In Sololá, a landslide at kilometer 144 of RN 1 one affecting 5,000 people. And two landslides in Purulhá, Baja Verapaz, affecting 1,600 people in different ways.

In addition, 5 floods in various places in Gualán, Zacapa, among other landslides, landslides or floods in other departments.

According to the report, June 17 three floods were recorded in areas of San Pedro Pinula, Jalapa, with 109 people affected.

While June 18Until 9:30 a.m., 6 incidents affecting 4,121 people were reported, but the numbers increased during the day because the rain and the incidents continued.

Among them, those mentioned that day are, in the department of Guatemala, a landslide at kilometer 11.8 of Villa Canales, Guatemala, which affected the passage of around 2,500 people, the landslide on homes in the El Renacimiento Municipal neighborhood, a 18; and a collapse in the El Sauce neighborhood.

Conred also mentioned a landslide at kilometer 12.5 of the highway in Santa Catarina Pinula, affecting 500 people; the structural collapse of the El Tule bridge in Asunción Mita, Jutiapa, affecting a thousand people, apart from one deceased. And on Saturday afternoon a small sinking was reported on 18th street, Bulevar los Próceres, zone 10 of the capital.

The authorities remain on alert as the rain continued in copious form this Saturday.

Cumulative impact in 2022

As for the tragic balance, according to the accumulated data reported by Conred from April 11 to this Saturday, June 18, the death of 21 people has been registered: 8 in Alta Verapaz, 5 in Escuintla, 3 in Huehuetenango, 2 in Guatemala and one per department in Chiquimula, Zacapa and Jutiapa.

At least 643 thousand 646 people have been affected, 1 thousand 392 affected, 3 thousand 334 evacuated and 1 thousand 552 are at risk. In addition, there are 237 sheltered, three missing and seven injured.

In terms of damage to infrastructure, 476 incidents have been recorded that have left 111 homes with severe damage; 982 with moderate; 299 with minor; and 486 at risk.

Nine bridges have been destroyed and seven are affected; while at least 108 roads have been affected and four destroyed.

Among the incidents of the last hours are:

  • The El Tule bridge, in Asunción Mita, Jutiapa, where the river caused the structure to collapse. In the incident, Armando Palma, former governor of Jutiapa, died; In addition, two other people were rescued by lifeguards.
  • Besides, during the night in zone 18 of the capital, a house collapsed and Volunteer Firefighters had to extract two people who had been buried. The injured were taken to the San Juan de Dios General Hospital.
  • In zone 6 of Mixco, rescuers were alerted to the collapse of a house, but no injuries were reported. Upon arrival, they recommended that the residents of the area attend to the indications of the authorities to avoid tragedies.
  • In Amatitlán, the occupants of a vehicle were trapped by the current of the Malena River. Lifeguards were able to bring people to shore unharmed.
  • In Mixco, several landslides were reported due to the rain on Friday night, according to Mayor Neto Bran, in Tierra Blanca, Colonia 4 de Febrero, kilometer 23 of the Inter-American highway, Las Brisas, Villa Deportiva Boulevard, Barranco alley, km. 17.5 of the Interamerican highway, km. 18.5 road to Ciudad Quetzal, and a fallen tree on the Paseo de Los Campeones.
  • In the municipality of Guatemala a landslide in Lomas del Norte zone 17 and Canalitos zone 24.
Landslides, subsidence, landslides and falling trees were reported in various areas of the country, such as this one in Canalitos. (Photo, Free Press: Luis Machá).
  • Also this Saturday, June 18, the partial collapse of the El Tambor bridge was reported, at kilometer 106 between the municipality of El Jícaro (El Progreso) and Cabañas (Zacapa).
  • In the afternoon there was a landslide at kilometer 33 of the Inter-American Highway, reported the Departmental Municipal Firefighters worked on the spot to remove trees that hindered the passage from the west of the country to the capital.

Monitoring of Celia continues

Finally, the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) reported on Saturday, June 18, that the climatic phenomenon Celia descended to the category of tropical depression and is located between the coasts of El Salvador and Guatemala.

However, the system could strengthen to a tropical storm again, between Sunday and Monday, which would favor the entry of abundant cloudiness, rains and electrical storms.

“The rains may be intermittent and if they strengthen again near the Guatemalan coast, they could be temporary,” the scientific entity explained.

In addition, it indicates that in the Caribbean there is another system that is being monitored, which will not become a tropical depression; however, it will cause “significant rain” in the north, the Northern Transversal Strip and the Caribbean during the weekend.

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