More than 200 public servants in rescue work for miners in Sabinas

The three orders of government continue to work in coordination to continue increasing the water capacity and assist the families of the trapped miners and provide them with timely information on the progress of the work.

Personnel from the Mexican Army, the Federal Government, Coahuila and the Municipality, assist the families to provide information on the progress in the rescue work of the injured miners.


More than 200 public servants work in shifts to cover 24 hours a day with medical, psychological, food, services, accompaniment and support to solve basic needs, information and coordinating actions to achieve the greatest possible well-being of the families of the trapped miners.

In the camp set up inside the mine site, a community kitchen has been installed by the DIF Coahuila; the Municipality of Sabinas placed Spacious and hygienic restrooms, hydration area and supplies, both for family members and for rescuers; the staff of the Ministry of Labor stays by the family members to resolve their doubts about the actions and results of the work carried out.

The Sanitary Jurisdiction of the Carboniferous Region of the Coahuila Ministry of Health, Red Cross, Firefighters and the Army provide medical care to relatives due to chronic conditions and monitor their health periodically.


In addition to this, A team of psychologists from the State Commission for Attention to Victims is at the scene and another group of the same specialty of the Mexican Army, who provide permanent professional attention to the families that are in the place.

During the course of the afternoon and evening yesterday, it was possible to double the extractive capacity of water, at the moment it is possible to pump more than 11 thousand cubic meters per day according to the estimates of the engineers in charge of the rescue work.

For the rescue work team made up of the Mexican Army, the Federal and Coahuila Governments, Civil Protection, mining companies in the region and volunteers, the priority is the rescue of the trapped miners and the well-being and safety of the families and they will not cease. actions to achieve this goal.

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