Mexico breaks Guinness Record with Massive Boxing Class

The plate of the Zócalo of Mexico City was painted with the colors of the Mexican flag to show the world that boxing is part of our culture and all this to make history and break the Guinness Record with the Massive Boxing Class.

More than 40 thousand people gathered in the heart of CDMX to be part of this event which undoubtedly satisfied each of the attendees, who from the beginning showed their euphoria and desire in each of the routines put on by the coaches.

From 6 in the morning this Saturday, people crowded one of the most important points of our country. Arranged by colors, green white and red, the people launched their jabs, hooks and uppercuts, to fight for that brand that immortalizes our country. Great boxing personalities were present at this party. Humberto “Chiquita” González, José Pipino Cuevas, Carlos Zárate, Erik “Terrible” Morales, Jackie Nava, Juan “Alacrán” Berchelt, Óscar Valdez, Andy Ruíz, among other champions also joined the routines taught.

Mariana “La Barby” Juárez, Alan “Rey David” Picasso and Ana María Torres, were in charge of imparting the routine with which the objective of breaking the Guinness Record was fulfilledwhich lasted one hour.

Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council, gave Mexico City the gold and green sash with the symbol of the Guinness Record to recognize this historic event for all of Mexico.

The mark made by Russia in 2017 with just 3,000 attendees was surpassed.

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