Mexico: a colleague was set on fire for “not being of the same race”

In a serious case of discrimination and bullying that occurred in Mexico, two 14-year-old students doused a classmate with alcohol and set fire to them at a high school from Santiago de Querétaro, in central Mexico.

The parents of the victim denounced that for months she had suffered bullying for belonging to the Otomí indigenous people and not speaking Spanish well.

The incident occurred last week, at the Josefa Vergara telesecundaria institute in the El Salitre community.

The victim, identified as Juan Pablo, 14, He is admitted to the Hospital del Niño y la Mujer de Querétaro, where he had to undergo surgery, after suffering second and third degree burns on his legs, according to the newspaper El Universal.

Juan Zamorano, father of Juan Pablo, said that since February his son had already refused to go to school due to the harassment he suffered from some classmates and even from a teacher.

“Since those times they were already bullying her and we realized that even the teacher herself was bullying her, just because we are of the Otomi race, she thinks that we are not of her class, we are not of her race, she thinks that she is being human and we belong to other people”, he expressed.

The man indicated that his son has a quiet nature and never wanted to point out the classmates who harassed him, but he does not rule out that the school was aware of who his aggressors were.

“For me it was not just an accident, much less bullying, it was already an assassination attempt,” he told local media.


Zamorano also filed a complaint against the teacher because, on the day of the attack, the woman, instead of calling an ambulance, took Juan Pablo to a clinic herself, where they only gave him an ointment and sent him home. In addition, the woman recommended applying onion on the wounds as a treatment.

In addition, the teacher also tried to persuade Juan Pablo’s parents not to file a complaint and to make them sign an agreement with the parents of the aggressors, so that they would bear the costs.

The man also said that they had to ask for psychological help for his son, who was severely traumatized by the attack.

The Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office indicated that it received the complaint and initiated an investigation folder for the events that occurred “in a basic education school, in the El Salitre neighborhood.”

Ernesto Carreño, the Zamorano’s lawyer, indicated that they sued the young people for “intentional injuries” and the teacher to find out if their behavior represented a crime.

“The Specialized Unit in Justice for Adolescents carries out the investigations. The expert services have assessed the injuries caused to the adolescent and based on this, the criminal process will continue until the complete clarification of the facts, “they indicated in a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

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