Mexican deputy accuses López Obrador of financing the Cuban regime

Mexican deputy América Rangel accused the president of that country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of financing the Cuban regime by hiring doctors from the island.

“The supposed Cuban doctors, in reality, are political agents who come to form communist committees in Mexico. In addition, it is a crude mechanism of #Morena to finance the Cuban dictatorship”, wrote on his Twitter account the opposition deputy of the National Action Party (PAN).

Rangel accompanied her tweet with a video where she explains the scheme through which, according to her, the government of Morena, the party in power, “finances the Cuban dictatorship” in exchange for these “supposed doctors”, in reality ” political agents”, go to Mexico to “indoctrinate and spread the communist ideology”.

According to the deputy, in 2020, from Mexican public money, the Cuban regime benefited from 250 million pesos for hiring doctors, in addition to 600 million to bring social programs to Cuba, plus now another 200 million to attract these “operators politicians”, as well as the purchase of the Abdala vaccine, which has not undergone “sufficient testing and studies”.

The simple fact that our government finances another country is a real scandal, but it is even worse that it is used to support an anti-democratic communist regime, which has its people in total misery and without freedoms”, added the local deputy in the Congress of Mexico City.

Rangel also states that the hiring of Cuban doctors is a real insult to the Mexican medical community that works in very precarious conditions and to people who cannot access medicine and treatment in the public health sector of that country.

“Once again it is clear that López Obrador’s loyalty is with his socialist friends from the Sao Paulo Forum and not with the Mexicans,” he concluded.

Rangel had been tough on López Obrador in the past because of his ties to the Cuban government.

In September of last year, on the eve of Miguel Díaz-Canel’s visit to Mexico on the occasion of the celebration of the Grito de Dolores, the young deputy had a public message to the Cuban ruler in which she told him that he was not welcome in his country.

“For 62 years Cuba has lived under a communist dictatorship, there is no freedom of expression, critics are imprisoned, you cannot travel, you cannot protest, you cannot open a business, you cannot vote freely, there is only one political party: the Communist Party, and the average salary is barely enough to buy half a kilo of meat for the whole month. So it is paradoxical that the president of a country where that word does not exist is invited to celebrate freedom, ”he commented on that occasion.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced last Monday the hiring of more than 500 Cuban doctors, the purchase of a COVID vaccine for children, and the training in Cuba of Mexican health specialists.

The announcement was made during one of his usual morning conferences where the Tabasco president took stock of his official visit to Cuba on May 6 and 7.

The cooperation agreement It is based, according to AMLO, on the need “to guarantee the development of health, medical care, medicines, analyzes or free clinical studies for those who do not have social security” and on a shortage of doctors in Mexico.

The federations, associations and colleges of doctors in Mexico showed his discomfort at the announcement.

A total of 30 organizations of this union issued a statement in which they expressed a “deep disapproval and energetic protest” for the president’s decision, which they considered as “a serious offense against the health professionals of Mexico”, who , in many cases, are unemployed or subcontracted with very low wages or in areas of extreme insecurity.

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