Mayor Daniel Orozco met with BICE executives to promote local SMEs

Orozco stressed how decisive the synergy of public and private initiatives means for regional growth. “As a municipal government, we are looking for tools that help our SMEs to flow as an engine of local and regional development. That is why our proposal is to carry out this initiative together with BICE, so that the more than 130 companies stationed in the Las Heras Industrial Park are informed and Above all, access these lines of financing to export and invest. In short, help stimulate employment, production and investment”, he highlighted at the meeting that took place at the facilities of CORPA, the Paper Recovery Company.

During this year, BICE will finance the local productive sectors with credits for $2,000 million. The main lines offered are Working Capital, Foreign Trade, Investment and Leasing.

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Daniel Orozco-meeting with BICE.jpg

Lasherino mayor Daniel Orozco in the meeting with representatives of local SMEs.

Daniel Orozco spoke about the benefits of BICE

BICE is an Argentine public bank that acts as a financial promoter of the country’s strategic projects and that completes markets with a focus on regional development, highlighted the Las Heras commune press. Its objective is to bring the businessmen closer to the available lines and accompany the initiatives that change the national productive matrix and that promote the development of the country from the interior to Buenos Aires.

The BICE presentations were given by Gabriela Lizana, Director of the BICE Trustand of Raúl Molina, West Zone Regional team leader of the public financial bank. Both thanked the Lasherino municipality for its initiative to bring people closer to the benefits of BICE’s financing tools.

“Holding these meetings around the country are relevant for us, because precisely doing something federal means these lines reach the territoryto the department, to the SMEs of the interior, to reach the entrepreneur”, explained Lizana.

And he added: “With these talks we seek find the entrepreneurial spirit, one that joins the change in the productive matrix and thus generate growth, such as those projects that aim at water or energy efficiency. We have to advance development strategically to support long-term projects that allow the generation of employmentthat must be the objective of all public policy”.

All those present agreed that, rising inflation and a rising interest ratethe benefits of these financial tools become necessary for SMEs, hence the importance of those public policies that seek to be a financial driver such as those that Mendoza Activa allows together with BICE or the IDB.

Molina highlighted the most common and most beneficial line that “is that of Energy Efficiency, where we support infrastructure projects, equipment and civil works. Our idea is to export added value, that is, that the product that we help to produce generates employment and use of the productive chains of our country”.

To learn about the financing lines, go to

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