Maykel Osorbo on his trial: “It was a fetishist montage”

The Cuban political prisoner and rapper Maykel “Osorbo” Castillo Pérez sent a letter from prison in which he reflects on the recent trial that the Castro regime orchestrated against him and described it as “a fetishist montage” in which it is most likely that he will be unfairly punished.

The activist Anamely Ramos published the artist’s message through a live broadcast on the profile of Facebook Maykel Osorbo 349 in which he read the content of the letter and through a textual reproduction of the same.

Facebook/ Maykel Osorbo 349

The rebellious musician, member of the San Isidro movement (MSI)shared his conclusions about the criminal process he faces and whose peak was the trial held on May 31:

1- All the court that appeared there with the supposed purpose of being impartial It was a well-orchestrated work by the Communist Party of Cuba.

2- All the people who attended, especially the President of the room, were militants of the PCC which he represents Diaz Canel.

3- The prosecutors who attended there, in addition to being communists, are state security agents.

Osorb, one of the authors and performers of “Patria y Vida”is very proud of “knowing that I am openly against the process that a militarized and totalitarian regime has meant in my country” and is sure that the court of his conscience “dictating a just sentence, finds me innocent of the charges brought against me.” impute”.

“My name is Maykel Castillo Pérez. I know where I walked, but more importantly, I know where I’m going. (…) I also know that there is a heavenly kingdom from which the Father and the Son will absolve me and the most high in all the magnificence of his word enlightens me at all times, ”added the independent artist.

Towards the end of the letter, he said that he would remain serene, like a doctor treating a mortal wound because “there is no way to change my way of being”, so “I will continue to be fair, according to my ethical principles”. At the farewell he identified himself as the “Last Man Standing” and signed his name and the slogan that gives title to the song that won him two Latin Grammy Awards.

In the live broadcast, Ramos added his own impressions about the trial against Osorbo and the MSI leader, Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara. According to the activist, the process was riddled with irregularities that have already been denounced by all possible means.

the Cuban government did not allow the entry of friends, foreign press accredited to the island or diplomats. He barely gave authorization for two relatives of each of the defendants to attend and has failed to comply with his own declaration of making the sentences known 14 days after the trial.

The art historian also argued that the political nature of the whole process was obvious and that “the only thing left for us in the face of something that is known to be a farce, which is a circus, is (…) to continue denouncing, to continue talking about them in all possible instances, also about the other prisoners and the other trials“and the other unjust sentences that are coming out.”

Ramos added that it is necessary to respect as much as possible the decisions that Osorbo and Otero Alcántara make while in prison. “We are going to continue accompanying them, we do not know if there will be any retaliation for the fact that he has sent this letter. Let’s remember that Luis Manuel’s calls were suspended for a month because of the statement he made, but they have to defend themselves and we have to defend them.”

He stressed that sending an audio or a letter is not illegal and if Osorbo is punished for this letter it is one more arbitrariness that adds up, so “we must be vigilant and continue denouncing.” She added that she will continue to monitor the case and continue speaking for the rapper, but that she is not alone, that there is a team of people helping.

“It cannot be Maykel who pays for a failed system, just as it cannot be the thousand political prisoners, most of them very young,” the activist stressed. She also clarified that the important thing is to work collectively to achieve the freedom of the rapper and the rest of the detainees.

This is the second message that the artist sends from prison, since on June 14 managed to speak with the independent journalist Esteban Rodríguez, to whom he said that he was still standing and that he would die standing. “I touched people in a way that had never been touched (…), thanks to people I became other people and I regretted what I was before, but I don’t regret what I am now, because I know where I walk, I know where I am going, and I know what I want,” he assured Rodríguez.

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