Maximum fueled the internal: "When you want to drive you must also know how to obey"

The national deputy and president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Máximo Kirchner, today launched a new message to the internal and targeted President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, for the government’s economic direction.

“When you want to drive, you must also know how to obey,” stressed the leader of La Cámpora when speaking at an event in the Buenos Aires town of Lanús. .

After Fernández’s statements about the intern and Vice President Cristina Kirchner, the national deputy spoke this Friday to once again mark a position within the Frente de Todos.

Máximo Kirchner’s response, after a week of silence from the harshest Kirchnerism, came after the Head of State’s tour of Europe had ended, while the head of the Senate remains in charge of the Executive Power.

“Our people lead by obeying. When you want to lead, you must also know how to obey. And the people rule. To know how to lead, you have to have been led. What worries me as a Peronist, as a militant, is that society does not get involved in its destiny and when the leaders intend to surf that wave rather than break it, because otherwise the wave will get bigger,” stressed the leader of the provincial PJ.

In that sense, he pointed out that “leaders who say they want to represent the majority have to take it hard.”

“We can’t because of this or that, they say. Enough of that leadership, we Argentines don’t want them,” Máximo Kirchner warned.

In his speech at the Podestá Club, the national deputy launched harsh criticism against Guzmán, and expressed: “I have heard in recent days that the Minister of Economy says two things and says more. He says that he does not have political support. You have the support of the IMF and from Kristalina Georgieva, from the social movements, from the President and from Clarín. What else do you want?”

“I discovered that there is a new cause of inflation: the political debate. Do you really think that is why and not because we do not put our eyes where we have to put it? In the price makers? Nobody asks for sudden jumps or madness. We say it from responsibility,” emphasized Máximo Kirchner.

Meanwhile, he recalled the “gesture of the former president despite her intention to vote” in 2019 to leave Alberto Fernández as a candidate.

“What happens to businessmen who do not stop marking prices,” added the legislator. (NA)

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