Mark Zuckerberg’s sister sang with Quintento Bandó from Mendoza in Buenos Aires

Randi and Colombo.jpeg

Randi Zuckerberg and the bandoneonist Fabrizio Colombo.

So cool was this global influencer with the recital of the Mendocinos and their participation that she shared the moment through social networks, with video and everything, which guarantees a very high global reach for Qunteto Bandó. summer time was the chosen theme.

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That’s how it went

the bandoneon player Fabrizio Colombo told Diario UNO the experience, undoubtedly unforgettable and promising enormous visibility through the brothers’ social networks Zuckerberg.

“It was incredible. She came over to greet us and thanked us for our performance, so I invited her to sing,” she summed up.

On stage they were seen as an expanded formation that is known by heart. All the performers enjoyed the touch. She, very loose and with an impeccable voice and tones. They, as since they began to step on the stage, solid and super professional musicians and lovers of Piazzola. Spectators, as surprised as fascinated.


The businesswoman delighted everyone with Summer Time.

The businesswoman delighted everyone with Summer Time.

“Those who play soccer want to do it like Maradona, us, play like Piazzola and take their music to the top”, said the bandoneonist from Quinteto Bandó, a group that brings together five mendocinos.


Another touch moment.

About the visibility that having shared the stage with the technology entrepreneur’s sister will give them mark zuckerbergFabrizio Colombo said that it was Alejandro Spinello, from MediaHub, who made them notice that small enormous detail.

Five hundred Bandó debuted in 2021 for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazzola. Since then, he has appeared on stage in the National Congress, among other performances, and is already scheduled to officially appear in Mendoza in mid-June, in the Capital.

That excites the musicians and gives them greater projection at a national level, although the Zuckerberg experience could open the doors of the world to them. And they know it from this Friday night.

They integrate Quintento Bandó Fabrizio Colombo on bandoneon, Bruno Cavallaro on violin, Enzo Paolo Rossi on double bass, Joaquín Guevara on guitar and Mariano Colombo on piano.

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She in Argentina

randy zuckerbergfounder and executive director of Zuckerberg Media, came to Buenos Aires hand in hand with MediaHubaudiovisual holding company owned by Alejandro Spinello from Mendoza.

The sister of the powerful technology entrepreneur spoke this Saturday at the Usina del Arte about the reach of social networksin this world full of multi-platform screens and content that have changed humanity in recent years.

The metaverse is going to open up a lot of economic opportunities. It’s not only entertainment but also health and education,” he told the audience.

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