Marisela is ‘completely’ from Torreón


And Marisela did not hesitate to tell Torreón that, “I am completely yours, I am still yours.” The so-called “Iron Lady” and the Comarca Lagunera experienced a mutual surrender last night during the return of the singer to the Comarca Lagunera.

The blonde returned to perform with great success at the Centennial Coliseum, where she delivered a night of success, memories and also joy.

Together with nine musicians and three choristers, the singer reviewed her songs, many of them composed by her ex-partner, Marco Antonio Solís, which have been passed down from generation to generation, especially among female audiences.


Fans of all ages came to the appointment with Marisela starting at 7:30 in the afternoon, the time the Coliseum opened its doors. Doña Artemisa López, from downtown Torreón, told El Siglo that she got some tickets on a Facebook event page.

“My eldest daughter got the tickets and they don’t know the joy she gave us because we didn’t have money to buy them”he mentioned.

Héctor Estrada, another viewer, mentioned that he has always liked Marisela.

“I have loved it all my life. I saw her in Gómez in 2019. She is a great artist who has crossed the barriers of time”, he said happy.


The public welcomed the artist at 10:15 p.m. The applause did not stop and more when the lagoons heard the first chords of And now you are leaving, the one that says, “But good things always cost so much, it was unnecessary to fight against all your charm, and I risked with you until the last drop of tears that today reflects my sad defeat.”

“I love you, Marisela”, “We love you very much, Marisela” and “Beautiful, stay in Torreón” were some of the cries she received, to which the interpreter replied: “I love you more”.

The blonde continued her show with two more of her classics, Without him and immediately exclaimed, “Don’t leave me alone, my iron ladies”words with which I present Alone with my loneliness.


While the public watched each movement of Marisela, she continued singing melodies like God bless our love (First song that Marco Antonio composed for her), Completely yours, and In love and hurt.

“I’m a bit of a cab… because life has made me that way. They always ask me what my favorite song is and I tell them all of them, but if they ask me that today, I answer that my problem”, He stated before sharing such a “track”.


The men also sang with the one born in Los Angeles, California, but it was the women who added the most “substance” to the choirs, and more so when the songs In exchange for what and If you want to see me, which was also recorded by the late Jenni Rivera.

When it was the turn of If you hadn’t gone, the voices of the artist and the lagoons present joined to create a monumental choir.

Marisela; who wore two shiny dresses, one beige and the other black, brought a great set consisting of three screens and light effects.

During the concert, in which I can’t forget it and Your Iron Lady also played, the singer gave advice to women such as: “You have to speak slowly to men so that they understand” and “Remember, if you want something, demand it” .

The return of “The Iron Lady”

The singer reviewed hits

*At the concert they sold packages containing two Marisela albums and an official cap for 200 pesos.

*The people who went to the concert, especially the women, sang the songs of the artist at the top of their lungs.

*On several occasions, the blonde asked for applause for Marco Antonio Solís and for Los Bukis.

*Many times, Marisela would yell, “Up Torreon!”

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