Manteros march towards the CCM: they want to return to the center and report police abuse

After the eviction of the fairgrounds and manteros from the downtown area, specifically San Martín Park, they decided to concentrate on the San Martín Park area and they march to the Municipal Civic Center. They also plan a popular pot.

“They want to run us over, every time a seizure is made they rob us, we are not smugglers. We are going to hold a peaceful demonstration from here to the MTC. We all have to eat “

As for possible solutions, one of the protesters said moments ago before the microphones that “a rAmparo course in which is ask for pedestrians and hours when the shop closes, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. and at night when they lower their blinds, in order and identified, while they solve “.

Is calculated 400 to 500 manteros that today feel harmed by this provision of the Municipality after the acts of violence in the San Martín park. “We are from the center, we live here, it is practically our house. If there is a relocation or a project that is done in the downtown area, we have been 15 to 20 years or more ”

They also warned that if they did not have answers they will continue with these demonstrations. As for the events that occurred on Saturday with the police. “We repudiate what they did to us on Saturday. They saw how they beat us and laughed at what was happening. They gave the order, we are workers, informal, but workers at last. We are not criminals, “he reproached.

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