Man who drank 30 cans of Pepsi a day for 20 years says he "cured" after being hypnotized

UK.- A supermarket worker who spent $8,500 a yearingesting 30 cans of Pepsi a day for two decades, said he was “cured” after being hypnotized.

Andy Currie lives in a town in North Wales, is 41 years old and was addicted to soda. He drank a liter of Pepsi every morning and another nine liters during the day.

I have always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could top it and I just got hooked.”

I work nights so I always liked the sugar rush to keep me going.

In accordance with Newsweek, the Briton has drunk an estimated 219,000 cans of Pepsi, almost 18,000 pounds of sugar or the equivalent of 7 million sugar cubes, since he started using it at the age of 20.

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Currie is married to 39-year-old Sarah. He said that spent $25 a day on Pepsiwhich adds up to about $8,500 a year.

It cost me a fortune, to be honest. I could have bought a car every year for the same amount I spent on Pepsi.”

I just needed to have it; As soon as I woke up, I would go to the fridge and pour myself a tall glass of Pepsi and get on with the day.

started taking action

but decided to take drastic measures after he gained 266 pounds and was warned by his doctors that he was at risk of becoming diabetic. Through exercise and diet he managed to lose 28 pounds, but I couldn’t stop drinking Pepsi.

He contacted the therapist and hypnotist based in London, David Kilmurry. Surprisingly, after just one online hypnotherapy session, Currie was cured and drank water for the first time in two decades.

Curry said:

David met me online and hypnotized me for about 40 minutes.

I don’t know what he said, but afterward he didn’t want to drink anymore.

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