Maluma fulfills a new dream by recording a video clip with two reggaeton references

Despite being in the industry for years and having collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, Maluma always finds a way to surprise his fans and continue to fulfill dreams with his featurings. And one of the ones that especially excites him is the one he has with Archangel Y The ghettotwo urban artists who have been his idols for a long time and now he has had the honor of working with them to fulfill his dream.

His latest album, “The Love & Sex Tape”has several collaborations and one of them is “Tsunami”, in which the Colombian singer sings together with the Puerto Ricans Arcángel and De La Ghetto, two legendary voices of the urban genre.

More than once he has shown how much he admires them, and a few hours ago he has done it again by sharing a photo with them to confirm that his song has a video clip. A dream come true for Maluma.

On his social networks, Arcángel told his fans about the respect with which Maluma has always treated him and De La Ghetto, with whom he formed a duo and with whom he continues to work regularly.

“It is always a pleasure to work with people whom I respect from the bottom of my heart! Genuine, talented and real people,” began Arcángel, who assures that his respect with Maluma is mutual. “Thank you for your friendship,” he added in his message to the Colombian.

Accompanying these messages, they shared a photo in which the three artists appear in Miami during the filming of what will be the “Tsunami” video clip, which at the moment does not have a confirmed release date.

Here we leave the song for you to warm up for the premiere of the music video:

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