Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara attacked in Guanajay prison

The independent artist and Cuban political prisoner Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was the victim of a violent assault on the Guanajay prisonwhere he is serving an unfair sentence of five years in prison.

“Luis Manuel received a visit yesterday. He denounces that he suffered an attack by a common prisoner and that, after that fact, the officers of #Guanajay have continued to place him at risk”, refers to a first tweet published in the account of the leader of the San Isidro Movement.

“Luis only four days ago has been transferred to a walled-up cell and alone as if that were a solution. He has suffered from dengue like several prisoners around him and they have prohibited him from receiving letters from friends such as Katherine Bisquet”, explains a second publication.

Both tweets have received the attention of numerous Internet users, who showed their support for Otero Alcántara, detained for more than a year. “How afraid of him. They not only act, as what they are, a dictatorship, but also, as what they also are, cowards, ”said one user.

“This dictatorship and its criminal methods, they have to pay for everything one day!!”, “They are a group of criminals and abusers”, “Very soon they will pay dearly for everything they are doing with political prisoners”, added other forum members.

At the end of July last the independent artist stopped the hunger strike he was carrying out as a protest for the five-year sentence imposed by the Castro government for the false charges of outrage against the symbols of the country, contempt, defamation of institutions and organizations and of heroes and martyrs, attack, resistance and public disorder.

The decision to end the non-ingestion of food responded to the considerable deterioration experienced by his health and the constant harassment by the authorities of the maximum security prison where he is being held.

The activist and partner of the leader of the San Isidro Movement, Claudia Genlui Hidalgo, warned that, despite ending the strike, the creator was still punished and unable to make phone calls, although he was able to receive a visit from his relatives on July 20.

“In these circumstances, Luis has tried to avoid problems, but the provocations have been increasing. It is clear how State Security is trying to provoke a conflict in which Luis Manuel is affected. He has also asked me to denounce that ‘he is not in a campsite, he is suffering, he is under torture and his life is in danger,’ said Genlui Hidalgo.

The Otero Alcántara strike began on July 4 lastafter hearing the sentence against him and refusing to appeal the sentence handed down by the Havana Court, which also sentenced rapper Maykel “Osorbo” Castillo to nine years in prison, because he was not willing to continue with fraudulent legal proceedings and he considered that the only possible way out was his immediate and unconditional release.

This was the third hunger strike carried out by the independent artist since his arrest in 2021. As a result of the previous ones, he suffered paralysis and an eye injury from which he has not yet recovered.

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