Luis Díaz took the spotlight in La Guajira and delighted those who were his neighbors with his category

The Colombian Louis Diaz continues to do his thing in our country, after revolutionizing Barranquilla, being present at training sessions Junior, club of his loves.

‘Fought’ was last Thursday with various football figures and the Colombia selection in the marriage of Matteus Uribe, former colleague of the guajiro in the Port of Portugal and great friend of the player Liverpool.

This Friday night, the 25-year-old soccer player took all the attention in his homeland, where he was part of an act promoted by the Mayor of Riohacha.

Louis Diaz accepted the proposal to play a friendly match in the guajira to contribute to the remodeling of the stadium Federico SerranoSoto which was inaugurated in 1953 and the sports venue: “It was established as the most important sports venue in La Guajira; 69 years later, this is still the temple of sport in this area of ​​the country”.

‘Lucho’ demonstrated his soccer quality at the Riohacha stadium. Photo: Twitter Sandra Guerrero

The Mayor of Riohacha decided to remodel the stadium of the guajira and decided to invite ‘Fought’ to be the great star of the reopening: “The act of official reopening of the stadium began Federico SerranoSoto after improvements in its facilities for more than 6 billion pesos, which include adaptations for the practice of sports such as rugby, athletics, soccer, skating and cycling”.

The player of Liverpool from England entered the field as the top star and was applauded by the people who attended the stands of the stadium, which received an economic injection of more than 1,200 million Colombian pesos.

Goal by Luis Díaz in the game for the reopening of the Federico Serrano Soto. Photo: Twitter Our Sports

‘Fought’ He revolutionized the stands when during the game he went alone against the goalkeeper and with a great left-footed shot to the top corner of the goal. The goal caused children, young people and adults to invade the field of play to celebrate a very special goal for the player who grew up in that stadium.

Louis Diaz will continue to enjoy your vacation Colombia before joining the ranks of the Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp to start the preseason of the ‘Red’ team that will play a series of friendlies, the first against Leipzig from Germany.

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