López Obrador yields to green energies

Mexico promised to reduce its polluting methane emissions, promote solar energy, especially through private investments on the border with the United States, and that 35 percent of all the energy consumed by the country comes from clean and renewable sources by 2024. .

Andrés Manuel López Obrador participated in the Forum of the Major Economies on Energy and Climate and launched some commitments.

Mexico’s commitments come after the visit to the country of John Kerry, special envoy for the climate of the Joe Biden Administration and after months of receiving strong criticism, among others from the United States, for having supported laws that give advantage to state energy companies -which are more polluting- limiting the access to the market of private renewable energy companies.


Now his bet is still focused on these parastatal companies, although he wants them to pollute less. That is why he said that his Government will modernize 16 hydroelectric plants of the Federal Electricity Commission and that it will allocate two billion dollars to reduce methane gas emissions by up to 98 percent in the exploration and production processes of Petróleos Mexicanos, which still continues to burn a significant amount of gas in its wells. As Kerry explained this week, the president has worked intensively in recent days with the US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, in an attempt to dialogue with energy companies in that country.

The main criticism of the sector has been the lack of legal certainty to invest in clean energy.


López Obrador said that there are commitments “with 17 US companies in the energy sector to guarantee investments to generate 1,854 megawatts of solar energy and wind energy,” and that the creation of solar parks on the border with the United States is being explored, as well as the construction of transmission networks that allow the export of electrical energy to California, among other states.

However, Mexico continues betting on fossil fuels with the modernization of six refineries, the purchase of one in Texas and the construction of a new one in the south of the country.

López Obrador said he was also joining the commitment of the most important economies in the world that, by 2030, 50 percent of the vehicles produced have zero polluting emissions. “In this, in our case, the fact that just three months ago we nationalized lithium, a strategic mineral in the manufacture of batteries, will be fundamental,” he added.

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