London: Passengers had to fly without their luggage after airport malfunction

LONDON.- In the Heathrow Terminal 2 created a “sea” of accumulated luggagedue to a airport malfunction, so that some passengers had to wait for hours and others traveled without their bags.

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Users began to complain through social networks about the long wait. The airport replied that it was working to soon be able to deliver their belongings to passengers.

Two hour delays for T2 baggage retrieval from Heathrow airport tonight apparently,” one user tweeted. “Welcome back to Britain!”

In accordance with Millenniuma Heathrow spokesman apologized for the interruption and after a few hours he said that the technical problem with the baggage system had been resolved.

Passengers can now check in as normal, but several passengers who departed from Terminal 2 earlier today may have traveled without their luggage.

We are working closely with airlines to reunite passengers with their luggage as quickly as possible. We regret that there have been disruptions to passenger travel.”

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