Lisandra Silva wants to baptize her children in Cuba

the cuban model Lysandra Silva shared with his fans the desire to baptize to their children Noah and Leiah in Cuba.

“Noah is baptized? Or will he and Leiah choose their already bigger religion? ”, Asked the Cuban in one of her Instagram stories.

Screenshot Instagram / Lisandra Silva

“The two will be baptized in Cuba! -confirmed the couple of the Chilean dancer Raul Peralta-. Due to the pandemic, everything was delayed, but it is our greatest wish to baptize you in the church where I was baptized.”

Noah, the eldest son of the influencer Havana, turned two at the end of Maywhile baby Leiah is just over a month old.

Lisandra Silva shared photos of the birthday party on Instagram that she and her partner prepared for their firstborn.

“Happy Birthday my little prince, may all your dreams come true and may God always be with you my little angel! May life fill you with blessings. We love you so much! ”, Wrote the model on the social network along with the photos of her birthday.

Noah’s parents wanted this celebration to be very special for the boy, because after the arrival of his little sister several changes took place in the little boy’s life.

“My little giant has behaved a 7 with Leiah, trying to assimilate all the changes, everything came together, a new house, a new room and a mom with a new baby that she carries in her arms all the time. New toys that are not for him, a new crib, new spaces”, Lisandra told the social network after the birth of the new member of the family.

“Love and support are so important to him right now. I want to hug and kiss him more than ever! What a difficult situation!” the model confessed at this moment in which the child needs a lot of love from his parents so that jealousy does not arise.

We hope that Lisandra shares with her followers on Instagram the moment of Noah and Leiah’s baptism in Cuba, to continue enjoying the first steps of both little ones.

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