Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship could be in danger, according to some users, due to the age of his girlfriend

Teasing is something that can never be missing when it comes to giving an opinion about a celebrity, especially when they have reached the age of Leonardo Dicaprio and start a courtship with someone much younger.

Through social networks, users from all over have made comments mocking the actor because the model Camila MorroneLeo’s current partner, has recently reached 25 years.

The actor already has a well-marked career not only for his acting jobs, but also for the fame that precedes him of dating only very young women. This has been criticized for a long time, but the jokes are responsible for highlighting that the relationship could be in danger due to Morrone’s age, since the 25 can be a long time for the likes of DiCaprio.

In Twittera user shared a video with images of the model and the actor, while the background song “The Final Countdown” by Europe plays, to which several tweeters reacted with jokes.

User @spideymang commented, “Camila Morrone turns 25 and starts counting the length of the relationship,” along with laughing emoticons.

Relationships with women too young

DiCaprio has previously dated actresses like, Blake Lively, Kate Moss, Nina Agdal, Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen, and all have the pattern of being in their 25s or so. He dated B√ľndchen for six years.

In the comments of the video there are some like, “Happy birthday honey!!! It’s time for us to break up”, or “Haven’t you known her since you were like 12 years old?”.

Even another user published a table that he called: “Leonardo DiCaprio refuses to go out with a woman his age”, where a “statistic” of his partners is observed.

Despite the fact that the couple has received ridicule for the great age differenceMorrone defended their relationship in 2019, as he told Los Angeles Times who did not understand the criticism:

There are so many relationships in Hollywood, and in the history of the world, where people have huge age differences. I think anyone should be able to date whoever they want to date,” she said.

However, despite the memes that have been made around the situation, there are also reviews that take more seriously in the matter, which mention that the fact that the actor only looks at women younger than him is extremely worrying, so they should take action on the matter or at least less burlesque postures that in one way or another celebrate these relationships that are, for many, incorrect.

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