Legislative elections 2022: PS, EELV and PCF refuse Mélenchon’s proposal for a single Nupes group in the Assembly

“There was never any question of a single group. There will be a socialist group in the National Assembly,” said Pierre Jouvet, spokesman for the PS, which negotiated the agreement with LFI. “The coalition contract was very clear, it provided for each party to have its own group and then there would be an intergroup,” he recalled.

“No question of merging into a single group”, for his part reacted the spokesperson for EELV Alain Coulombel.

“We have a contract with Nupes and I think it’s the same for PCF and PS: it was agreed that each would have their own group. This proposal is inappropriate in relation to the mutual commitment. We are presented with a fait accompli “, he denounced.

“Having a clean group is one of the elements of the agreement, we have always been clear on this subject”, specified to AFP Igor Zamichiei, number 2 of the PCF, party in agreement on the other hand with the principle of a intergroup.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon proposed Monday that the New Popular Ecological and Social Union be constituted “as a single group” in the National Assembly, worried that the obtaining of 89 deputies by the RN calls into question its “status” of first opposition to Emmanuel Macron.

“As soon as there is a single group, without any possible discussion, the opposition would be called Nupes”, he explained in front of the headquarters of La France insoumise in Paris, affirming that it was a question of a “proposal, not an injunction: “Naturally, I will leave it to what the groups decide”.

Valérie Rabault, leader of the Socialists in the National Assembly during the previous legislature, also opposed the proposal, as did Eric Coquerel’s (LFI) proposal for a motion of censure in early July against the government of Elisabeth Borne.

According to the elected Tarn-et-Garonne interviewed by AFP, the “only solution” for the Macronists deprived of an absolute majority is to “negotiate text by text, which is very good”.

On the presidency of the Finance Committee, which falls by right to the opposition and for which the leader of the PS Olivier Faure recognizes that LFI has “primacy”, Ms. Rabault, who was general rapporteur for the budget in the past, does not ” refrains from anything” as to a possible candidacy for this function.

Tuesday afternoon must meet the Socialist deputies, numbering 34 to 35 according to her. “I want to bring together the elected officials in the Nupes agreement and the elected officials outside the Nupes agreement. The meeting aims to see if a center of gravity is possible”, depending on what she could represent herself to lead it, she said. .

An internal vote is scheduled for Thursday.

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