“LEGALLY MARRIED!” — Radio Concert Chile

Yesterday the marriage of the national actress Belén Soto and the businessman Branko Bacovich took place. The beloved actress had advanced some details of her marriage in the program Cecilia Bolocco. In this way, it was known in advance that the ceremony would take place this Tuesday the 22nd on the terrace of the house of the beloved actress of “Daddy Ricky.”

Belen Soto got married

The influencer, writer and actress shared tender photos of her marriage with her husband through her instagram. Thus, he wrote: “LEGALLY MARRIED! Civil Marriage with the love of my life. Now, to wait for our ceremony and party in February! 🤍11.22.22”.

While, Branko Bacovich also shared a photo together with his wife. “Officially Mr Branko and Mrs Belén 🤵🏼‍♂️👰🏼‍♀️❤️11.22.22, my wife, I love you😘! @belen_soto”wrote the also model.

The posts of both were filled with thousands of tender messages and wishing the happy couple the best. “Nanananaaaaaah what a thrill!”, wrote the actor Rey Alcalde. Nacho González also wrote to him: “May they be very happy !!!”. “You are so beautiful, much love to you”, “Congratulations, may you be very happy”, They were part of the most repeated messages.

Instagram: @brancobacovich
Instagram: @belen_soto

Recently Belén Soto also told who would be her Maid of Honor: it would be about Maria Elena Swett, who played his mother in “Daddy Ricky.” “We are like best friends, such a cute relationship. He has a pure soul and I have been happy with this friendship for 14 years. I adore her”, Soto maintained.

But the most important thing for the happy couple is still missing. And as he revealed Kel Calderon, the second celebration and the biggest that the young couple will have, will be in Tulum, Mexico. What more romantic?

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